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Learn about Correct SoP Format Here

statement of purpose formatThe Proper Statement of Purpose Format

Though the main services offered by our web-based writing service involve essays and statements of purpose online writing for students who have trouble writing, we often provide consulting services for those who wish to write their own statements. One thing we always advise our clients is to be aware of the required SoP format when writing their application essays.

Be aware that there’s no one SoP format that is uniform for all application essays. The proper statement of purpose format depends specifically on the requirements set by the college or university to which you are applying and the statement of purpose formatting is playing the great role as well.

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What Is the Right Structure and SoP Format to Use?

A statement of purpose is an essay that you will write to support your application. It is not a list of your skills as you would put in your resume, nor is it just a list of answers to the questions that you may be asked. It must be written in an engaging manner and be about you and your ambitions and plans.

Often the program that you are applying to will have very strict requirements and expectations for what they expect from your SoP format. So, always read their application instructions with great care and follow what they specify to the letter. Most of the time you will be required to upload an electronic copy of your statement of purpose to their system. Formatting a statement of purpose is often a waste of time in these instances as all formatting will be lost as you upload your work. You should therefore not look to use lots of italics, underlining, or bold in your writing to emphasis your points. Use your actual words to make your point not tricks with your formatting.

The structure of your statement of purpose will almost always follow something along the following lines:

  • Your reasons for wanting to study in your selected field: show how you became interested as well as the steps that you have already taken to pursue that interest.
  • Explain why you will be successful in your studies and career in this area: show them with clear examples the skills and other qualities that will aid you to be a success.
  • Explain what you hope to get from the program that you are applying to, why you are applying to that specific program, and what you yourself will bring to the program.
  • Outline your future career goals: explain any short-term educational goals and the long term employment ambitions that they support.

statement of purpose structure sampleSticking with SoP Format

Because there’s no uniform SoP format, it’s important to strictly abide by the directions outlined by your desired school, otherwise, your application will most likely be thrown out. If the application requirements involve using a particular margin size, font size, and spacing (single or double), then follow those directions closely.

Also be sure to abide by the designated statement of purpose length. If the application calls for ten pages, then make sure your statement of purpose length is exactly ten pages. The same goes for one page cover letter statements. Some colleges want a one page cover letter for your application while others want 500 or 1,000 word essays on why you should be admitted to the school.
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What Should Not Be Covered Within Your Writing

Your statement of purpose formatting should be fairly plain and your text should cover those areas detailed above. There are however a number of things that you should avoid writing about within your answers to the areas listed:

  • Do not simply repeat information that you have already supplied in other areas of your application.
  • Don’t ridicule others in your writing or complain about them to make yourself appear better.
  • Don’t make excuses for anything less than perfect within your application.
  • Don’t include anything that is simply irrelevant to the purpose of your statement of purpose.

Useful Guidelines for SoP Writing

Once you’ve mastered the format of SoP essays as required by the school you’re applying to, keep a few points in mind:

  • Always make sure your format, layout, and statement length strictly follow directions.
  • Be original. Don’t imitate someone else’s writing style.
  • Plagiarism will get you black listed. Don’t do it.
  • Always stay on topic. Don’t ramble.
  • Have someone proofread your statement of purpose structure when you’re done.

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How Can You Work with Our Statement of Purpose Formatting Services?

If you want the best help writing a statement of intent too, don’t hesitate to come to us for professional help. Many of our clients come to us with a draft they’ve already written, but they need some editing and other polishing done to make sure they’re abiding by the proper SoP format and statement of purpose length. However, if you’re one of the many students who truly struggles with writing, our writing service is here to help you. For one low price and one single easy payment, our writers can write your statement of purpose structure for any college application. We have the tools you need to succeed.

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