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What to Write in Your Johns Hopkins Statement of Purpose

Just How Important Is Your JHU Statement of Purpose?

John Hopkins University was established in 1876 after a generous and at the time unprecedented $7 million bequests. Named after its benefactor the University is ranked 10th  in the world along with Yale through the US News. It was ranked 8th in the US. This is a highly competitive university and just 11.4% of those applying will be lucky enough to gain a place. Just as Duke statement of purpose needs to be tailored to reflect their particular requirements so must your application to John Hopkins.

Your Johns Hopkins statement of purpose will have a major part to play in your acceptance. Often it is only part of your application that gives you an opportunity to stand out from the many other applicants. So you really do need to ensure that it is written to the best of your abilities if you are to have any chance at all of gaining the place that you want.

Applying to graduate or undergraduate programs at JHU requires you to carefully tailor your statement. Our specialized SoP writing services are able to provide you with all of the help and support that you will ever need to make your application a success.

What Is Required to Apply to John Hopkins University?

As with any application, you should always check with the specific college and program that you are applying to in case they have specific requirements. Applications to John Hopkins University are made through either the Coalition or Common application process. Both of which will also provide you with the JHU supplement which asks specific questions about your application. In general, your application will require all of the following:

  • The application and supplement
  • School report
  • Teacher evaluations (2)
  • ACT or SAT reasoning test scores
  • Mid-year reporting
  • Application essay and supplementary essay

What Can You Study at John Hopkins?

There are many different areas that you can study within the university. The following are just a few of the areas that you may wish to consider:

Find out how to compose an attention-grabbing personal statement for MSW program in a few steps!

Writing the Best Johns Hopkins Statement of Purpose

You will generally be expected to write two essays as part of your application to John Hopkins as an undergraduate. The first will be either selected from the 7 Common App Essays prompts or the 5 Coalition App Essays. In addition, you will be expected to provide a second essay which is listed on the John Hopkins University supplement. The prompt for the JHU supplementary essay this year is:

“Successful students at Johns Hopkins make the biggest impact by collaborating with others, including peers, mentors, and professors. Talk about a time, in or outside the classroom, when you worked with others and what you learned from the experience. (Up to 400 words).”

When deciding what to write you need to consider what they are looking for. In their own words they expect to see:

  • Academic Character
  • Impact and Initiative
  • Personal Contributions

jhu statement of purpose writing tips
In addition, the JHU admissions committee informs us that:

“The required pieces of your application only tell us part of the story. The admissions committee conducts a well-rounded review of every applicant based on his or her accomplishments, goals, and potential impact within our community. We’re looking for students who can think beyond their limits, who don’t see ‘impossible’ as a roadblock, and who will not only elevate themselves, but also those around them.”

To achieve the best writing you should follow this Johns Hopkins statement of purpose guidelines and tips:

  • Always carefully check the specific program that you are applying to so that you are sure you are covering all of the information that is expected of you as well as any statement of purpose formatting JHU requirements.
  • Whether you are applying to the school of medicine or Engineering tailor your application accordingly so that it is clear that you have seriously considered their expectations.
  • Look at a good statement of purpose John Hopkins sample so that you will be able to observe how other students have tailored their applications. JHU provides you access to many successful essays for your information.
  • Don’t just write about what you have done. They want to learn how your experiences have molded you into the person that you have become. How did they change you, what did you learn from your experiences?
  • Don’t make any claims that you cannot back up. Use examples to demonstrate your skills rather than simply making statements that are unsubstantiated.
  • Use language that all can understand: Avoid any fancy words, acronyms, and never use slang or text speech.
  • Get to the point, your supplementary essay is just 400 words long and you will need to make sure that every word that you write contributes to you gaining a place.
  • Write about you: they are going to want to understand what makes you tick, what contribution you can make to their community, and what your future ambitions are.
  • Don’t copy anything that anyone else has written. This includes not using clichés or even quotations. Make sure your writing is totally unique to you.
  • Get attention right from the opening line: your first line is your hook and you should make sure that it has the ability to make the reader want to know more about who you are and what you are about to say.
  • Tell a story: don’t just simply list facts about yourself. Keeping their attention and being memorable will require a storyline that they simply cannot forget.
  • Don’t expect perfection on your first try: be prepared to rewrite and rewrite again and then edit and proofread your essay until it is perfect.

We Can Help You to Submit the Best Statement of Purpose for John Hopkins

Whether writing a med school statement of purpose or looking to study economics we have the highly qualified writers and editors to work with you. They hold post-graduate degrees in the subjects that they support as well as a full understanding of just what the John Hopkins committee will want to see through your writing. They will work directly with our clients to be able to draw out the very specific information that the committee will be seeking.

Your personal statement will be perfectly tailored and unique to you. Supplied with a plagiarism report it will also be proofread to a high standard so that you can be sure of it is free from errors. Our services come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee and always deliver to you on time. Contact us now in case you need a transportation engineering SoP help too!

Make your application stand out from all of the other applicants and give your chances a boost with our help to write your Johns Hopkins statement of purpose perfectly.

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