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Create Your Great SoP for Environmental Engineering

Writing the SoP for Environmental Engineering

Getting into a graduate program for environmental engineering is, like most engineering programs, extremely competitive. There will be more qualified applicants than openings, and your best chance to land a spot may be the statement of purpose. The SoP environmental engineering applicants write is often the deciding factor when admissions must choose between two equally well qualified applicants. The basic structure of a SoP for environmental engineering is shown here:

  • Introduction: State that you are applying for the environmental engineering program and include the name of the school to which you are applying. Discuss why you want to study environmental engineering and what initiated your interest in the subject. Include some of your short and long term career goals related to environmental engineering
  • Relevant Experience: Discuss any relevant work experience and research you have done that is related to environmental engineering and elaborate on any specific research goals you have. Include specific experiences you have had that demonstrate qualities you have that are desirable for research in environmental engineering. Include skills gained to operate equipment and anything else that may be applicable such as research techniques
  • Interests and Aspirations: Explain why environmental engineering graduate school is the right and logical step for you at this time. Include a statement about what you plan to accomplish while in the program
  • Program fit: Explain why you chose to apply to this particular institution to study environmental engineering. Admissions will want to know what specifically about the program attracted you.
  • Conclusion: Summarize you SoP and restate your interest in the environmental engineering program

Tips and Suggestions for Writing the SoP for Environmental Engineering

It is more or less up to each applicant how they choose to approach writing their statement of purpose for environmental engineering. The following are some basic writing tips and suggestions that have been found to be effective when writing environmental engineering SoPs:

  • Make sure to discuss why you chose environmental engineering to study in the first paragraph. This is the single most important information in the SoP and you want to address it as soon as possible
  • Be brief when writing the writing a SoP for chemical engineering. Every applicant will submit an SoP, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores and other documents in their application package. Admissions will appreciate a brief SoP that gets to the point.
  • Be specific when writing the SoP. Specific anecdotes, examples, career goals and other information unique to you that makes you stand out. A generic SoP will likely earn you a generic rejection.
  • Allow plenty of time for writing your statement of purpose. A good SoP for environmental engineering may need to be edited and revised several times before it is just right. It isn’t something that can be written well in just an hour or two.

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