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Should You Include Your Work History within Your Statement of Purpose for MBA Admissions?

While work experience is a vital part of how the admissions committee will assess your suitability much of this information will be included within other areas of your application such as your resume. So you should always be guided by the prompt that is provided for your statement of purpose. For many programs, this will ask you to discuss some part of your past work experience.

Even if there is no request for a discussion of your past experience within your MBA statement of purpose you will still need to include something to give context to your future career goals. A well-written statement of purpose for MBA applications will sketch out a feasible set of goals for your future career that should be related to the direction that you are currently taking.

How to Include Your Work Experience in Your MBA Statement of Purpose

It is important to consider exactly what the committee will be looking for when you discuss your past work experience. If they are explicitly asking for information regarding your work history then you should be guided by the prompt that they provide and seek to answer that prompt fully. Otherwise, you should consider all of the following points when covering your past work:

  • Show career progression: an MBA is seeking to train the leaders of tomorrow and as such you need to show that you have drive and ambition. Even if you have not actually progressed through the ranks as such, you should still be able to demonstrate that you have taken on more and more responsibility and achieved more as your work experience has progressed.
  • Show what you have achieved: just as with your resume you will not want to simply give a list of what you were responsible for. They will want to understand just what you have achieved within your time working? What were your greatest achievements and how did you achieve them?
  • Does it support your future goals: while you may be looking for a change in your career direction you still need to demonstrate the logical progression from what you have done through to where you hope your career will be taking you.
  • Make your writing logical and progress towards your future goals while providing your reasoning for the decisions you have made.

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Include clear and well thought out reviews of your past work experience and how they have led you to your future goals within your MBA statement of purpose by following our advice.