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7 Tricks in Writing Good MBA SoP

How to structure the MBA SoP

Applicants to MBA programs will be required to submit a statement of purpose as part of their application package. The MBA SoP should touch on why you want to acquire an MBA, what your qualifications are, and your short and long term career plans related to the program. A common format used for a MBA statement of purpose is shown here:

  • Introduction: Include the name of the degree program, department, and school to which you are applying. Discuss why you want an MBA and what made you become interested in studying for an MBA. Include some career goals related to having a MBA.
  • Relevant Experience: Discuss any relevant experiences that show you are prepared to study for an MBA. You should include specific examples that demonstrate skills an MBA calls for, particularly those that display quantitative skills and analytical thinking.
  • Interests and Aspirations: Explain why a MBA is the next logical step for you at this point and time. Include what you want to accomplish while in the program.
  • Program fit: Explain what specifically about the program attracted you. It may be particular courses offered, to study with a certain professor or some other reason.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your MBA statement of purpose

Reviewing MBA SoP samples can be a useful way to learn how to write your own statement of purpose.

If you are looking for the statement of purpose engineering essay for the MBA we can assist you along the writing process as well.

Tips to help write a good MBA SoP

Your statement of purpose is one of the most important parts of the MBA application. It is a chance to stand out from the other applicants and show your unique qualities that make you a good candidate. Here are 7 tips for writing your MBA SoP that you should keep in mind:

  1. Include the most important information in the first paragraph: Admissions will read plenty of statements from many different applicants and may not devote much time to each individual statement. Include the most important information in the beginning of your statement to be sure it gets seen. Generally this would be your reasons for wanting to earn a MBA
  2. Put extra effort into your introduction: Your introduction is the “make or break” paragraph. You need to generate enough interest in the reader to make them read further.
  3. Be specific: Avoid generic statements that could apply to any applicant. Use specific examples that are unique to you.
  4. Be honest: Be yourself when writing your SOP. Don’t try to create an image of somebody you are not. This will usually be spotted and admissions is more interested in knowing who you are than in who you think they want you to be.
  5. Look for a hook: Most people don’t have extraordinarily exciting lives to spice up their SOP. Look for an angle that is unique to hook the readers interest.
  6. Limit yourself: The statement of purpose is a brief document, and it is impossible to include everything. Limit yourself to a few major points that you feel are your strongest and focus on those.
  7. Follow instructions: This might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many applicants fail to follow the SOP writing instructions. Failure to follow instructions equals failure to be accepted.

Our service can provide a MBA SoP sample that you can use to guide your own writing efforts. If reviewing a sample and tips still leaves you unsure how to write the MBA SOP our statement of purpose writing service is here to help.

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Outstanding statement of purpose for MBA application

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