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PhD Statement of Purpose: Your Background

Should Your Background Be Covered in Depth in Your Statement of Purpose for PhD?

The PhD statement of purpose is almost certainly one of the most important parts of your application to study for a doctorate. The admissions committee will review your statement of purpose PhD along with all of your other documentation to judge your suitability for being awarded a place. Often you will be competing against many others for a limited number of positions so your PhD application statement of purpose is really your opportunity to make yourself stand out.

But knowing how to write a statement of purpose for PhD applications that is going to be effective is not simple. Many applicants really do not know where to start with their writing and what they should cover within their statement. One area in which they often struggle is when covering their background.

What Areas of Your Background Need to Be Covered When Writing Statement of Purpose for PhD?

One of the things that the committee will want to get an idea of from your PhD program statement of purpose is just who you are and why you want to pursue the research that you are applying for. However, you should be careful not to go overboard when writing a statement of purpose for PhD. This should be a brief part of your statement and should not go into excessive details. The following tips for covering your background when writing a PhD statement of purpose should be followed:

  • Explain the reasons for wanting to pursue your area of research. If these reasons are childhood based explain the reasons and not your childhood within your statement of purpose for PhD admission.
  • Show how your academic experiences qualify you to be able to conduct research at this level.
  • Explain how any extracurricular experiences you may have made you a perfect candidate.
  • Outline your future goals in your statement of purpose for PhD program admission so that they can see what motivates you.

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To make your PhD statement of purpose truly stand out from the many others chasing your place follow our advice for covering your personal background.