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Writing a Good Dental School Statement of Purpose


If you decided to apply to dental school then you might know that you have all the needed documents including a statement of purpose. While statement of purpose writing one needs to include all the points worth attention into this essay. This will be the one and only chance to speak directly to the admission committee members.

You will need to allow them “scanning” the results of your SoP writing process and deciding whether you are really the appropriate candidate. Indeed you are the one, aren’t you? So try to be precise, not arrogant and convince the admission officers in the facts that are known to you.

dental school statement of purpose helpWhere to Apply with Your SoP for Dental School

Your dental school statement of purpose where possible should always be carefully tailored to the specific program that you are applying to. The program that you apply to should also be the best that you can get into, after all, you want the best education you can find. The following are some of the best programs that you can apply to with your SoP for dental school:

  • UC San Francisco: With this program you have the opportunity to learn through research and community service as well as the usual clinical experience you will gain.
  • University of Louisville: An outstanding program that offers a full range of degree courses and other education.
  • Loma Linda University: This program has been around since 1953 helping students of the Christian faith to gain their education.
  • Meharry: if you are interested in serving underprivileged groups then this is the program for you. It has a large and diverse student body that you would join.
  • Harvard University: There is nothing like being able to say that you trained at Harvard no matter what subject area you seek to follow.

What Should Your Dental School Statement of Purpose Cover?

If you look at our dental school statement of purpose samples you will see that there is a lot of common ground that each covers. The admissions committee will have some very specific questions that they will be seeking answers to:

  • Why are your studying dentistry: give them clear cut reasons as to why you want to be a dentist and how that interest has developed over time. Also show what steps you have taken in this area such as previous training, shadowing or work experience.
  • What will make you a good dentist: demonstrate the skills that you have that will make you excellent not only at the physical aspects of being a dentist but also with caring for your patients. Look carefully at their website to see what they really value.
  • Where is your career likely to head: while you may not have firm plans you must ensure that you show them that you see your future career within dentistry and any particular specialism that you wish to follow.
  • Why have you applied to them? The more specific you make your reasons the better as it shows them that you have a deep enough interest to have taken the time to research them in depth.

How Should You Write Your Dental Statement of Purpose?

Making you statement stand out is not easy. Many statements that the committee read are very similar and will tend to blend into one another. You have got to ensure that your statement really is capable of making them sit up and want to know more about you. The following tips will help you with your writing:

  • Always carefully review their specific expectations of an applicant: ensure that you reflect what they want within your statement.
  • Tell a story: your statement does not want to be a list of reasons why they should accept you. Use an anecdote around which you can write an interesting yet relevant story about yourself. This will help you to stand out.
  • Make your opening line outstanding: those first words have got to grab their full attention and make them wake up. Spend extra time crafting and revising your hook to reel in your reader.
  • Use language that they can understand: don’t try being clever with unusual words and certainly never use any form of slang within your writing.
  • Be concise: get straight to the point with your writing and ensure that every word that you include is adding value to your statement.
  • Revise: ensure that you take the time to rewrite your statement several times. You will not come up with your best on the first try.
  • Proofread: while a single mistake may not get you rejected it certainly says that you were not interested enough in the application to check your work thoroughly.

Make your Dental School Statement of Purpose Perfect

If you really dream of becoming the dentist, you will need to study hard and master this specialty with all its secrets and trifles. Being hardworking and indulgent will add to your personal appeal. Meanwhile, in your dental school statement of purpose you may enumerate the previous professional experience and skills that you have already gained before applying. This may be an internship, extra-curriculum tasks, scientific activities or any kind of long- and short-termed medical residencies. The task is to make your internship statement of purpose writing sound definite, persuasive and positive into the ears of the audience.

Try to narrate all the facts and important steps in your previous life that would be helpful while applying for the dental program to a medical educational establishment. Your academic credentials may play an important role in the process. Your past experience also counts. Your personal skills and features of character also add to your SoP for dental school. State when and why you first wanted to become a dentist. How do you happen to seek studying dentistry – this is the topic to be described while a powerful dental school statement of purpose.

Professional writers are sure in the following statement: “No proofread will hurt the results of a SoP writing”. Apply this motto towards your dental school statement of purpose and edit, spell-check and proofread it for several times. This service is also available online. You may order the custom proofreading as well as composing of a dental school statement of purpose provided by proficient authors from a reliable and solid global company. Do not hesitate finding out more information on the topic if you are really interested in wonderful effective SoP writing.

sop for dental school helpThe Benefits of Working with Our Professional Services

From the best dental school statement of purpose samples to one on one contact with fully qualified experts you always get the best through our help. With our services you receive:

  • Guaranteed delivery of your dentistry statement on time: no matter how tight your requirements we will not be late.
  • Free proofreading and plagiarism testing: we make sure your statement is free from copying and that it contains no errors.
  • Experts that hold dentistry higher degrees: our experts have many years of experience and know just what the committee wants to see.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your SoP for dental school or you get your money back.

We will teach you how to write a statement of purpose! Check our statement of purpose sample!

Boost your chances of being selected by using our professional services to help write your dental school statement of purpose perfectly!

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