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Writing Statement of Purpose: Word Choice

Why Are Your Word Choices Important When You Write a Statement of Purpose?

Even if you have everything that the admissions committee is looking for, if you cannot communicate it well you are likely to fail in your application. The committee will want to read a well-worded statement that is going to present you effectively while showing your enthusiasm for your subject area. Anything less and you are likely to find the place that you are chasing being awarded to someone who wrote a more engaging statement.

Writing statement of purpose pages requires great thought and care if you are to make the correct impression. Many students, however, rush the task and do not put enough thought into what they are saying. While using a statement of purpose writing services may provide you with a well-written statement it may still not provide you with that personal approach that many applicants will prefer to take.

How to Select the Right Words for Writing Statement of Purpose Pages

How you write is just as important as what you will be writing so it is very important that you take the time to carefully review the language that you use. The following tips and advice will help you to ensure that your word choices are appropriate for writing your statement of purpose:

  • Never use slang, acronyms, or text speak. Not only is this poor use of English the reader may not understand or misinterpret what you have said.
  • Don’t select unusual words from your thesaurus to appear clever. The reader may not understand the words or you may use them incorrectly.
  • If you do use a synonym ensure that it really does the replace the word that you are using in the context that you are using it.
  • Always try to use simple language effectively and do not try to be clever with how you use your words.
  • Use the correct words when using homographs or homophones: it’s vs. its. Their, there, and they’re. Advise vs. Advice.
  • Use powerful and positive language: for instance “It was difficult to…” can be “I rose to the challenge…”
  • Use positive power words: such as the following:
    • Established
    • Planned
    • Reviewed
    • Examined
    • Diagnosed
    • Improved
    • Recommended

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Follow our highly effective advice for choosing the right words to use when writing statement of purpose pages for your application.