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Wider Reading in Your Law School Statement of Purpose

Will Showing You Have Read Up in the Field Help Your Statement of Purpose Law School?

A well-written law school statement of purpose is one of the most important parts of your application and will often be the deciding factor in your selection. Its purpose is to show your suitability for the program that you are applying to and must reflect what the committee will want to see. This means clearly showing them that you really want to study law and this is not just a last minute decision as you don’t know what else to study.

One way to show that you are truly interested in the field of law is to explore it in more depth through extra reading. Either through books on the subject or by reading one of the many journals that you will find. This information can then be detailed in your statement of purpose for law school to show that you really are serious about your application.

How to Include Your Reading of Your Law School Statement of Purpose

Not everyone has the time or the opportunity to do volunteer or summer work in the field that they want to follow. This is why it is often best to find out more about the subject of law through some detailed reading. The following tips will help you with how to then relate what you have learned through your reading within your statement of purpose law school:

  • If you mention books within your statement of purpose ensure that you have actually read them. You will almost certainly be asked about them during the interview process and not be able to answer the questions could end your bid for a place there.
  • If you have read journals, be prepared to be able to talk about recently published articles that have grabbed your attention.
  • Talk about what you have learned about being a lawyer from your reading, not about specific points of law.

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Follow our writing tips fully as including the wider reading of your law school statement of purpose can make a huge difference in your chance of getting a place.