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Excellent! Dear Sabrina, I much appreciated your hard work and patience. This is really good, I think we did all they require me write on my resume. :) Its been very nice to work with you, Thank you so much for your careful editing. Best wishes to your PhD journey, I will definitely recommend this to my other friends! Thanks again Sabrina! Have a good one!

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Statement of Purpose for MBA Admissions Writing

How Much Should You Tailor Your Work When Writing a Statement of Purpose for MBA?

Good MBA programs are highly selective and will often have many applicants against which you will have to compete for a place. The admissions committee will be looking for the best from those applicants and showing that you are the best is going to be a difficult task through your statement of purpose for MBA admissions.

The committee will want to know that you will be a good fit to their program and that you will work hard to gain your degree. The better that you tailor your writing a statement of purpose for MBA to the program you are applying to the more chance you have of success. If you can show that you have put a lot of effort into selecting them and can explain why then you have a much higher chance of success than someone that submits a very generic sounding statement.

How to Tailor Your Statement of Purpose for MBA Admissions

If you want to submit the best statement of purpose for MBA applications then you will need to clearly show that you have real motivation to study with them. You can demonstrate this by doing the following:

  • What is it specifically about their program that makes you want to study there? Avoid any generic statements such as they offer “a highly effective program of education.” Carefully examine what they offer and be as specific as you can:
    • Do they offer a specific technique that you wish to use?
    • Have they got access to specific resources that you cannot access elsewhere?
    • Do they specialize in a field that you wish to work in?
    • Do they have links with specific companies that you are interested in?
    • Is there a specific professor whose work you are interested in?
  • Is there something non-academic that has attracted you to the school? Are there aspects of the school ethos or goals that specifically attract you?

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Use our specialist advice to ensure that your statement of purpose for MBA admissions is perfectly tailored to explain why you want to apply to their program.

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