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Writing a Law School Statement of Purpose

The Importance of a Well Written Statement of Purpose for Law School

Law schools are highly selective no matter which you apply to. You will be competing against many others for a place and the admissions committee will be scrutinizing your application very carefully to ensure that they provide places only for those that they feel are going to truly benefit from their program. Often your qualifications are going to be very similar to the others applying which is why you will need to ensure that your law school statement of purpose is written perfectly.

The statement of purpose law school is your opportunity to convince the reader that you would make a great student and eventually a great lawyer. You need to convince them of this within your perfectly written statement if you are to be selected. To do this you will need to convince them fully that law is the one subject that you want to study.

Show Your Motivations within Your Law School Statement of Purpose

The committee will want to understand just why it is that you want to study law. This should be honest and also unique to you, after all, your reasons are going to be very different to the next persons. The following tips will help you with showing your reasons in a compelling way:

  • Tell them how you became interested in law, avoid the use of clichés when you introduce your reasons for wanting to pursue law. If you are interested in specific branch or career then explain your reasons for wanting to follow that route.
  • Show what you have done to pursue this to underline your motivation. By doing any form of related work experience, volunteering or even extended reading you will demonstrate clearly that your desire to study law is more than just words.
  • Show how your extracurricular and other activities make you ideally suited for studying in this area. For instance your position within the debating team.

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Convince the admissions committee of your desire to study law by writing a law school statement of purpose that clearly outlines your reasons for studying law.

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