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Law School Statement of Purpose: Volunteering Section

Why Is Including Volunteer Work Important in Your Statement of Purpose Law School?

If you are going to get into law school you will have to persuade the admission committee members that you are truly committed to a career in law. If you cannot persuade them of your interest in the subject then they may select another that they have greater confidence in. Simply saying that you want to pursue a career in this field is not enough. You have to show your commitment through your actions and by detailing them in your law school statement of purpose.

If you are truly interested in pursuing law and discovering what it will be like you should either take a job in this area or do volunteer work. By working in this field as a volunteer you will be able to not only clearly show that you are serious about being a lawyer you will also start the process of developing the skills that will be expected of you.

Show Your Volunteering Experience in Your Law School Statement of Purpose

If you look at any good sample statement of purpose for LLM application you will see that the applicant will show their true commitment to their proposed studies by doing volunteer or paid work in that field. The following should be considered when you write about your volunteering experiences:

  • Show how volunteering has helped you to better understand how to fit into a working environment.
  • What you have actually achieved during your time as a volunteer and how you achieved it.
  • What skills you have developed as a volunteer and how are they applicable to your studies and future career. Do not however simply claim the skills; back up your claims with a clear example of how you have used the skill in a successful manner.

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Give your law school statement of purpose and your application an edge by showing your commitment to the field through your volunteering experience.