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Successful University of Washington Statement of Purpose

Is the Statement of Purpose University of Washington Important?

The University of Washington is the second largest in the Western US with more than 46,000 students enrolled. It also boasts one of the world’s largest library systems with more than 26 libraries dotted around the university. The university is ranked by US News as for 56th in the country and accepts just 45% of those applying despite the size of its student body.

Just as a University of Michigan statement of purpose is different to one for UW, yours is going to be unique to everyone else’s. your UW statement of purpose must be carefully tailored to perfectly show that you are an excellent choice for the university and the program that you are applying to. Our professional help and support can boost your chances of success with our advice and help.

Your University of Washington statement of purpose is going to be one of the most important parts of your application. If you want a successful admission then you need to make your application to stand out. Often your test scores and grades are simply going to be very similar to many of those that you will be competing with. So your University of Washington admission essay is going to be the only way that you have of showing that you are different.

How to Apply to the University of Washington

UW is one of those universities that use the Coalition Application allowing you to upload all of your information to apply to both UW and potentially 132 other universities in the US. Once signed up you will be able to upload all of the required information through the portal as well as providing the specific answers to the UW questions that you will find there. The following are the requirements that you will be expected to provide:

  • Completed coalition application profile
  • Application fee which is $80
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • English proficiency for overseas students
  • Transcripts
  • UW Questions (essays)

What to Study at University of Washington

The Center for World University Rankings provides not just a ranking for Universities overall but now provides rankings for individual subject areas.  UW manages to get 22 of its subject areas to be ranked in the top 5 and 45 in the top 10. A similar ranking through US news ranks 52 subject areas in the top 10 within the US.

The following are some of the highest ranked courses that you may wish to follow within the university:

uw statement of purpose writing tips

Writing an Engaging University of Washington Statement of Purpose

The George Washington University statement of purpose is not something that you can rush if you want your application to be considered seriously. You should dedicate a significant amount of your application time on ensuring that your University of Washington admission essay will be completed in a way that is going to make your application memorable. The UW statement of purpose format does not really matter as it will be uploaded into their system and much of the formatting statement of purpose that you use will be lost. The following are the essays that you will be expected to supply as part of your application to UW:

  • Coalition Essay: you will be able to select one essay to write from the 5 coalition essay prompts. They are looking to understand who you are as a person and the essay should be no longer than 500 words in length. Although they recommend 300 to 400 words.
  • UW Short Response Essay: The following is the prompt for the essay that you will be expected to write, the length of this essay should be less than 300 words:

“Our families and communities often define us and our individual worlds.  Community might refer to your cultural group, extended family, religious group, neighborhood or school, sports team or club, co-workers, etc.  Describe the world you come from and how you, as a product of it, might add to the diversity of the University of Washington.”

Optional additional information essay: limited to just 200 words this allows you to bring to the attention of the committee anything that may be of importance to your application, hardships and other limitations, or specific opportunities. This should only be used if you really need to communicate something of importance that simply does not fit elsewhere.

How you write that essay is very important and you should take your time to ensure that your writing will be capable of grabbing their full attention. No matter which essay you are looking at you should always consider the following:

  • Review their websites to discover exactly what they are looking for in a student so that you can ensure that this information is reflected in your writing.
  • Tell a story about yourself rather than simply listing facts. You want your story to stay in their head so that they remember you when making decisions.
  • Look at a sample admission essay for UW so that you see how others have answered the prompts. But do not copy what you read.
  • Write about yourself: they want to learn who you are, how you are going to fit into their community and what you have to offer.
  • Don’t dwell on what you have done, explain how things have affected you and changed you.
  • Don’t just claim your skills and knowledge, give examples to demonstrate them and show what you have achieved.
  • Always use your own words, do not use quotations, clichés, or copy what others have already written.
  • Proofread what you have written very carefully so that you avoid submitting an essay containing any errors.
  • Remember also this final piece of advice from the University of Washington regarding your SoP:

“Write like it matters, not like you’re texting. This is an application for college, not a message to your BFF. Writing i instead of I, cant for cannot, u r for you are: not so well.”

We Can Help You to Submit an Effective UW Statement of Purpose

Whether you want help with your UW statement of purpose format or answering any of the prompts that you are supplied we can help you. All of our support is through highly professional writers and editors that are fully qualified to help you. Each holds a postgraduate degree and fully understands all aspects of the application process for UW.

Your writing is always going to be unique and provided to you with a plagiarism report. Our support also comes with free proofreading and will always get to you on time. We want you to be able to make your application confident that your essays will get you noticed. We offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee with all of the help that we provide to you.

Give your chances of getting selected a boost with the help and support of our professional services for writing your University of Washington statement of purpose.

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