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Writing a University of Michigan Statement of Purpose

Why Is Your UMich Academic Statement of Purpose So Important?

Ranked 28th in the Best Colleges and National Universities the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is a highly popular choice for students. It is a university that has been around for a long time, having originally been founded in Detroit in 1817. The acceptance rate is just 28.6% so just a little over 1 in 4 applicants will find a place. If you want to be awarded a place then your University of Michigan statement of purpose needs to be outstanding. Our SoP writer is able to support you with all aspects of writing your application and to ensure that your statement will get you noticed.

There will be many other applicants chasing a place with you so your application will need to make you stand out from the crowd. This can be hard as the bulk of your application is set in stone such as your SATs and GPA and are likely to be similar to many others. Your UMich academic statement of purpose, therefore, is often your only route to making your application different in any meaningful way.

A good application essay can make you memorable as long as it is carefully tailored to the program you are applying to. An application essay for UM is going to be very different from writing a Stanford statement of purpose.

Requirements for Applying to the University of Michigan

You can make your applications to the University of Michigan through the common application or the coalition application. However, you should check the requirements of individual colleges on their respective websites as there are some differences as to what they require. The following are the general requirements that you will need to cover as an applicant to the university:

  • Completed application through your chosen route
  • $75 application fee
  • Transcripts and academic records
  • Teacher academic teacher evaluation
  • School report or counselor’s recommendation
  • SAT with writing or the ACT of writing
  • Application essay
  • For graduate applicants:
  • Personal statement
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume

What Should You Study at the University of Michigan?

If you are going to apply to study at UM then you will want to ensure that you will study in one of their best areas. The following are just a few of the programs that you may want to study with the university:

  • Medicine: the hospital through which you will get to do much of your learning is ranked 6th in the US so you can be sure you will be getting the highest standard of education.
  • Business: Whether bachelors in business or your MBA you will go far through UM-Flint. The program offered has been highly ranked as one of the best by US News.
  • Teaching: if you want to be one of those shaping the minds of the next generation the UM School of Education is the place for you to be.

university of michigan statement of purpose writing tips

How to Write the Best University of Michigan Statement of Purpose

Depending on what course you are applying to and the route you take will define the essays that you will be expected to write. As a freshman you will be expected to write either:

  • 1 essay from 7 possible choices for the Common Application. The essay should usually be between 250 and 650 words maximum in length.
  • 1 essay from a choice of 5 for the Coalition Application. This essay should be no more than 550 words in length.

If you are applying at a higher level such as to Rackham Graduate school then you will be expected to supply both a personal statement and statement of purpose. Again, make sure that you carefully check the requirements of the program that you are applying to as what their specific requirements are to ensure that you cover them correctly. The following is how they differentiate between the two documents:

  • The University of Michigan Statement of Purpose should look at your own academic and also research background and should focus on your future career goals and why you are applying to that specific program. The SoP word limit the University of Michigan is just 500 words.
  • The personal statement for UM will look at your life experiences and background and how they have molded your personal decisions and development. This statement needs to be less than 550 words in length.

To write that perfect statement you should consider all of the following tips:

  • Always check the individual program and college that you are applying to for the correct UMich statement of purpose format, length and specific requirements.
  • Review their specific requirements and student expectations so that you can ensure that you mold your response to reflect what they are looking for.
  • Don’t repeat anything within your SoP or personal statement that you have included elsewhere. Each essay should be unique and substantially different to your others.
  • Write about yourself: while this may sound obvious it is surprising how many applicants go off track with their writing.
  • Only write about something that is relevant and able to add value to your application. Anything else should not be in your writing.
  • Be concise and to the point: you only have a limited word count so you will want to make what you say count.
  • Talk about how your experiences have affected you and just the experience itself. As the UM Career Center says:

“As a general rule of thumb, you want to focus more on what you learned from your past experiences, what impact they had on you, etc. than on the details of the experiences themselves. In other words, you want to be more reflective than descriptive.”

We Can Help Write Your UM Statement of Purpose

Writing application essays and SoPs that are going to get you noticed is not easy at all and many students will struggle. This is why it is often best to boost your chances of winning the place you want by using our professional services. We offer you a full range of writing and editing help through staff that is subject qualified to postgraduate level as well as having a full understanding of what the UM admissions committee will be seeking.

The writing is always done with you to ensure that it is unique to you and molded to the application you are making. It will be fully proofread and supplied to you on time with a plagiarism report. We cover all of the support that our services provides to you with our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Get the place that you need with the help of our highly affordable and reliable services for writing your University of Michigan statement of purpose.

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