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Writing a Statement of Purpose With Us

How Important Is Writing a Good Statement of Purpose?

Whether you applying to study for your first degree, masters or even doctorate degree you will be expected to submit a personal statement or statement of purpose as part of your application. Writing a statement of purpose that is capable of making you stand out from the crowd is vital to your success. Places are limited no matter what subject area you are applying in and the admissions committee will be reviewing many hundreds of applications to select those that they feel the best fit.

First impressions really do count when it comes to what you write your statement of purpose. A poorly written statement or one that contains even minor errors can be just the excuse the committee needs to reject your application in favor of someone that has taken more time over their writing.

Often the statement of purpose is the only method through which you can show you are different and better than other candidates. So it must be written perfectly in every way. Knowing how to write a statement of purpose that is going to get you noticed however is not an easy job and almost all students applying will have difficulties. This is why we have developed our instructional course for writing statement of purpose pages.

Effective Course for Writing a Statement of Purpose That Will Give You an Edge

Our statement of purpose writing service has put together a full course that will cover all aspects of how your application needs to be written. We run through all aspects of the writing process from start to finish covering areas such as:

  • Showing your motivation for following your chosen subject
  • Covering work experience and extracurricular activities
  • Avoiding clichés and other writing issues
  • Writing winning opening paragraphs
  • Effectively concluding your statement of purpose
  • Proofreading and formatting your statement
  • Editing your statement of purpose perfectly

In fact, whatever your needs are for a statement of purpose writing we are sure that our comprehensive training course will cover it. Written by experts that know just what the admissions committee will be looking for we can guide you through all of the pitfalls that you will face to submit a perfectly written statement of purpose that will impress and help you to stand out as one of the best applicants.

Course Lessons

Lesson One: Getting Started

Lesson Two: Structure of Statement of Purpose

Lesson Three: Statement of Purpose Writing Style

Lesson Four: Common Mistakes

Lesson Five: Finishing a Statement of Purpose

Samples Guide

Improve your chances of being selected for your chosen program by following our comprehensive and effective course for writing a statement of purpose.