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Statement of Purpose Medical School Suitability

Demonstrate Your Suitability for Your Career through Your Statement of Purpose for Medical Students

The committee that will assess your application will want to understand if you are going to make a good doctor. This means far more than simply an ability to pass your exams and get the best grades. They are looking for many other abilities and qualities than simply being bright. Being a doctor requires a wide range of different skills and you will have to demonstrate that you have them.

Demonstrating these skills and showing your suitability for a career in medicine is not easy. Your statement of purpose medical school is your only opportunity through which to show these required skills and yours needs to be written perfectly. Only through a well written and engaging statement will you be able to show the committee that you are the right person to select.

Writing That Perfect Statement of Purpose Medical School to Demonstrate Your Suitability

Your medical school statement of purpose is something that must be written in a way that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. It needs to be engaging while giving the reader the information that they are looking for. The following tips will help you with showing your suitability for a career in medicine through your statement:

  • Ensure that you understand the qualities that they are looking for in a doctor. The following are just some of the qualities that you may wish to cover in your statement:
    • Hard working with a lot of stamina
    • Strong emotionally
    • Highly organized and able to tackle multiple tasks
    • Confident in your approach
    • Composed under pressure
    • Helpful and caring towards people
    • An excellent communicator and listener
  • Don’t simply make statements saying that you have particular qualities, sure you are a hard worker, but can you prove it? Show, don’t simply tell them. Use clear and concise examples of when you have used different skills.
  • Show that you understand why the qualities that you possess are important within a medical setting and how they will make you a better doctor.

Follow the above advice and ensure that you show your suitability for the role within your well-written statement of purpose medical school.