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Statement of Purpose Medical School Motivation

Why Do You Need to Include Your Motivation to Study in Your Medical School Statement of Purpose?

Getting into medical school is very difficult indeed. The schools will only accept academically gifted students that are able to clearly demonstrate that they are going to be able to succeed. Showing that you are a student that is going to complete the course and pass will require you to clearly show your motivation for studying within your statement of purpose medical school.

But showing that motivation in a clear and engaging manner is something that many struggles with. If you are not careful you can write something that lacks inspiration and will fail to help you to stand out. Unless you can stand out your statement of purpose for medical students is likely to simply look just like many of the others that they will be reading.

What to Write in Your Statement of Purpose Medical School

They will want to know the reasons behind you choosing medicine for your studies and career. How you present this information will have a significant impact on your chances of being selected. The following advice will help you with presenting your reasons in a way that is going to engage the admissions committee:

  • Cliches: “Ever since I was 6 years old I have wanted to help people and be a doctor…” If you really want to lose the reader in your opening line start with a cliché and you can guarantee that they will rarely even notice the remainder of your statement. You need to be unique, so ensure that what you write about is totally personal to you.
  • Science and people: one of the most common reasons for studying to be a doctor is that you love both science and dealing with people. Ensure that you explain your personal reasons clearly and do not simply say that you like both. Give clear examples of what you like and why. Show how they go together in a way that will make you an excellent doctor.
  • Medical experiences: often students become inspired to become a doctor due to an experience within their life such as a loved one being seriously ill. If this is your reasoning say what it was about the experience that made you want to be a doctor beyond the pure emotion of wanting someone to be cured.
  • Following in your family’s footsteps: just because your parents are doctors is not a good enough reason. You still need to provide analysis of why you want to follow in their footsteps and what you have done to discover more about the role.

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Take careful note of our advice when writing your statement of purpose medical school if you want to ensure that you get noticed for your motivation.