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Writing the Statement of Purpose: Basic Mind Map Prompts

Can Mind Mapping Help You with Writing an Effective Statement of Purpose?

Mind mapping is a method for brainstorming and organizing your thoughts and can be used to help you to decide what to write about within your statement of purpose. Often the hardest part of producing a good statement is coming up with a theme and what to actually write.

To mind map, you simply throw out your thoughts on paper and then start to link together those ideas that have a common theme and to build on what you have written. You should not try to look at the information critically as you write your map but simply get those ideas down as quickly as possible. Letter analysis and reflection will then help you to identify what you may want to write about within your statement.

Use Mind Map Prompts to Drive Your Ideas

By having a series of simple prompts you can help yourself to create your map for writing an academic statement of purpose. The following are some simple prompts that you can use to generate your map:

  • What significant things have you done in the recent past?
  • Did you have anything tough happen in your life?
  • How have you been spending your leisure time?
  • What happened during your summer break?
  • Do you have an interesting hobby?
  • Do you partake in any sports?
  • Have you undertaken any work experience or summer job?
  • Have you helped others in some way?
  • What are your extracurricular activities?
  • Are there any specific things that you enjoy to use?
  • Is there anyone that has significantly impacted your life?
  • Are there specific classes that you enjoy?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • What is truly unique about you?
  • Have you ever achieved or won anything?

Examine the Themes

Once you have created your map and started to link together ideas and themes you will be able to start to identify what really matters to you and what you can write about. Are you a person that likes to get involved in everything as a team player? Are you someone that excels at slogging through things alone and wants to win at all costs?

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Using simple tools such as mind mapping is an easy way to help you to develop ideas for writing the statement of purpose for your application.