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Stellar Sample Statement of Purpose for Canadian Student Visa

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The statement of purpose to apply for a Canadian visa is not hard to write if you follow all the instructions properly. This is a document created for convincing the respective university for choosing you as their future’s student. For the perfect SoP for student visa, you need to rely on the best sample statement of purpose for Canadian student visa.

Why Study in Canada?

The first reason to choose Canada for university education is their higher literacy rate. It is among top five countries in the world with the highest rate if literacy. Secondly, the quality of education that is taught to the students is magnificent as well. Therefore, millions of students across the globe dream for seeking admission in Canadian universities.

Statement of Purpose for Student Visa Canada: What Is It?

The statement of purpose for Canadian visa is written to get the consent of studying in a university located in the other country. This is a document based on 3000 to 4000 words. A student is required to write reasons for getting selected and how much h/she is deserving to study in such university. The discussion of major subjects and your interest in learning them can also be included in the SoP.

study abroad canada statistics

SoP for Canada Student Visa: Statistics of Students for Apply for Universities Annually

Every year 116,890 international students apply for the universities in Canada. These are the stats of 2010 by combining the results of all universities. The 7% per year rate is increased every year because of millions of applications submitted by the students. Unlike the secondary and post-secondary education, the university students have the highest rate of writing SoPs to get a Canadian visa. SoP for Canada student visa is provided only to the students who meet specific criteria and visa requirements.

writing sop for canada student visa

SoP Format for Canada Student Visa

The SoP format for Canada student visa can be simple as well as difficult to write. However, the steps based on writing it perfectly can help you out in creating an excellent statement of purpose make sure that you are following all the requirements properly. You can study overseas without any hurdles.

  • Write about the organization/university in the beginning.
  • This section is reserved for discussing your passion for studying in this field.
  • The academic background’s description is mandatory to be included in this section. All of your activities (must be extracurricular) need to be discussed here.
  • Discuss additional professional achievements to impress the selectors.
  • Explain the reasons for selecting the particular university for admission. Here, you can provide information regarding features of the program being offered and mention the best things about teachers that you liked.
  • The last step is to read the whole document and edit it properly. This can help you in spotting all the major mistakes.

Main Requirements for Exchange Student

The SoP main requirements for writing by the student show that you need to add the reasons for creating them. Give all the solid reasons to get the admission in the desired university. Don’t use filler words and sentences. This can affect the overall impression of your SoP. You are not supposed to write irrelevant content in the Statement of Purpose. Each paragraph must have different point to discuss in the statement.

why study in canada

Source: GetMyUni


The Statements of purpose are written in many ways. Every international student tries their best and follows unique methods of creating this statement. It is suggested to follow the advanced methods and formats for writing this application. The online tutorials or the guides can help you to create best SoPs. Many students don’t take it seriously by considering that their grades are excellent. This is definitely not a right way to think. The attractive text content and genuine reasons for getting selected for the university are mandatory. Make sure that you follow all the major components and never make any mistakes. Post writing the whole document, don’t forget to edit it properly. This can be helpful in grabbing the attention of selectors to choose you for the admission.

sample sop for canada student visa

Visa SoP Writing Service

Which is the best visa SoP writing service? This is the major question that creates lots of confusions for students in all over the world. However, once you find the trusted SoP Writing services provider, you need to check their work samples, f.e. SoP for scholarship samples. This is important to get outstanding services without any hassle. We are offering remarkable SoP writing services to get visa for any Canadian university. This sounds unbelievable but you can definitely get the approval of Canadian university for pursuing the educational career in Canada.

Our proficient writers are capable of providing you an up-to-the-mark online SoP writing services. We are giving you guarantee of getting admission in your desired university or any other institution in Canada. The experienced authors are familiar of the secret to develop amazing SoP. This can be helpful in writing best SoP by avoiding all of the major mistakes. Provision of satisfactory services is our main objective. We always assure to avoid making any mistakes in the SoP. This is the purpose that can make us stand out in the crowd. Our team never disappoints the clients and offer making revisions multiple times. We do offer the services at reasonable prices. Would you like to give us a chance to deliver pre-eminent SoP writing service?

Check out the updated sample statement of purpose for Canadian student visa. Get the appropriate information and steps to make it engaging. This guide would help you to get admission in the desired university!

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