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Statement of Purpose Medical School Exploration

Do You Need to Show Experience in Your Medical School Statement of Purpose?

Medical schools are highly selective and will place great value on any work type experience that you have within the medical field. So presenting your work experience or volunteering in a way that shows that you are suitable for a career in medicine is very important. The committee will not just want to know your reasons for studying medicine, they will want to see that you have acted on your motivation and done something with your desires.

Demonstrating your motivation through action is far more effective than simply stating that you want to be a doctor and is more likely to be effective. Without any clear evidence of your true motivation to be a doctor, it will be difficult to get accepted by the committee.

Explore Your Motivations in Your Statement of Purpose Medical School

Writing the perfect statement of purpose for medical students will require you to clearly show that you have taken steps towards learning more about this field. This can be done in a number of different ways and then highlighted clearly within your writing:

  • Work experience: this can be paid work, shadowing, or even volunteering or community work. It can be helpful when you start your working to keep a journal to record your experiences and what you have learned. When reflecting on your experiences within your statement you need to very much focus on what you have learned from it not simply stating what you have done. The reader will likely be aware of what the job role will entail so you need to show them what you achieved and what you discovered about yourself and medicine.
  • Wider reading and studies: not everyone is in a position to undertake work of any form. This, however, does not stop you from demonstrating your commitment to studying medicine. You can read books on the subject, take additional classes, or subscribe to journals. However be prepared to answer questions on these when you are interviewed so do not lie about what you have done.

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Explore your motivation fully within your statement of purpose medical school to fully demonstrate your suitability for a place by following our advice.