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Writing a Good Statement of Purpose | Right Tone & Language

Is Tone and Language Choice Important When You Write a Statement of Purpose?

The tone of your writing and the language that you choose will make a significant impact on how you and your writing is perceived. It is therefore important that you think very carefully about how your work will actually sound to the reader. You don’t want how you have written your statement to overshadow the actual message that you are trying to convey.

Writing a good statement of purpose means selecting the right tone for your audience and using language that they will be able to understand. Get this wrong and you could find that your reader will quickly pass onto the next statement in their pile. While using a good statement of purpose writing service such as our own can help you achieve this, you may want to write your own personalized statement.

What Is the Best Tone for Writing a Good Statement of Purpose?

You always want to approach your writing in a way that will make you sound confident and passionate about your subject area. The more enthusiasm you can display for your subject and your application the better it will sound. However, you should take care not to:

  • Be too casual: this is not a simple chat with your friends. You have to make sure that your writing does not sound as though you are not taking the application process seriously enough.
  • Too formal: this is also not an academic essay. Trying to write about yourself without using the first person is not going to provide the reader with the personal view of you that they are looking for.
  • Use of humor: even if you are excellent at using humor you will find that some people simply will not appreciate its use within something as important as a statement of purpose.

What Language Should You Use When You Are Writing Your Statement of Purpose?

The language that you use will have a real impact on how the reader will perceive what you have written. You need to consider all of the following when you are writing your statement if you want it to be effective:

  • Avoid slang, text speak, and any form of profanity. Use everyday formal language that anyone can understand.
  • Do not try to show off your language skills or try to sound clever by using your thesaurus to select many unusual words. It is better to use simple language well.
  • Avoid statements such as “I believe”, and “I feel”. Just get straight to the point that you want to make.
  • Take a positive stance on everything that you write. Turn even negative statements so that you approach them from a positive viewpoint.
  • Get to the point: don’t use unnecessary words and keep your sentences short and snappy.
  • Use language that is active and shows action.

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Follow our advice for tone and language selection to enable writing a good statement of purpose for your application.