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Superb Statement of Purpose Proofreading

Why Is Writing a Good Statement of Purpose That Is Error-Free So Important?

The admissions committee of the program you are applying to will almost certainly be looking through hundreds of applications for just a few places. They will be looking for any reason at all to be able to discard your application to whittle that stack down to a more manageable number. The first impression that your statement makes is, therefore, going to be of great importance.

Statement of purpose proofreading must be employed effectively if you are to be sure that there are no issues with your writing. Simple mistakes will provide the reader with a very poor impression and the reasons that they need to be able to reject your application. Simple mistakes say that you are an applicant that was not bothered enough to check your writing or that you are simply a poor student. Either way, they would rather select someone that has ensured that their work is error free.

Effective Techniques for Statement of Purpose Proofreading

Proofreading statement of purpose pages is never easy, especially if you are looking at your own writing. Most of us tend to see what we intended to write and are blind to mistakes that are present in our writing. The following techniques, however, will help you to identify mistakes in your writing and correct them:

  • Use your computer: while software is not infallible, it will catch many mistakes in your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, this should not be your only check as it will miss things.
  • Leave as long as possible between writing and proofreading: the less familiar we are with the writing the more effective our proofreading will be.
  • Print out your statement in an oversized font to make it easier to read through and focus on the words that you have written.
  • Use a pointer to touch each word in turn as you read them. This will slow your reading and help you better focus.
  • Mask off adjacent text so that you can concentrate on just one line at a time.
  • Concentrate on searching for one type of problem at a time.
  • Ask someone else to proofread your work for you.

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Always use the effective statement of purpose proofreading on your essay to ensure that you submit an application that is free from issues.