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Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree | Past Work Experience

How Should You Cover Your Work Experience in Your Masters Statement of Purpose?

Even if your past work experience is not directly related to the program you are applying to it may still be worth mentioning within your statement of purpose master’s degree. Going over your past work even if summer jobs or internships is very worthwhile within your statement of purpose. In fact, if you’re looking at a business administration masters it is pretty much vital.

It is not simply, however, a matter of just mentioning that you have worked and what as. You need to show the skills you have learned that are relevant to your application and how successful you have been in your employment. Your past employment provides you with many areas to impress the committee reviewing your statement. If you look at a statement of purpose for masters sample you will find that many will cover in depth what the applicant has done and how it relates to the program that they are applying to.

Cover Past Work Effectively for Your Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree

If you want to ensure that your writing is effective then the following should be considered when you are writing your masters statement of purpose:

  • Show how your work experience demonstrates your ability to work in new environments.
  • Show how you have developed relevant skills that are directly related to the program you are applying to.
  • If there are no direct relationships between your work experience and the course you are following demonstrate the transferable skills that you will have learned such as leadership, or problem-solving.
  • Show what you have managed to achieve within your work and how you have overcome challenges that you have faced.
  • Give examples of what you have achieved do not simply make empty statements. If possible provide figures to make your achievements more impressive and solid.

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Follow our advice to ensure that you cover your past work experience effectively when you write your statement of purpose master’s degree.

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