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Law School Statement of Purpose Writing

Why Is Showing Work Experience within Your Statement of Purpose for Law School Important?

Law school is highly competitive and they will accept only those these perceive as truly qualified and committed to a career in law. Anyone can say that they want to follow the law as a career, but showing it clearly to expel any doubt in the minds of the admissions committee is going to be tough. Providing details of your work experience within your law school statement of purpose is one way to demonstrate clearly that you really want to follow this route.

But writing your statement of purpose law school in a way that is going to truly impress the committee is not going to be an easy task. Especially when you consider that all of your competitors for a place are going to be doing the same.

Writing the Most Effective Law School Statement of Purpose to Show Your Work Experience

If you look at any law school statement of purpose example you will almost always see some discussion of the applicants work experience whether paid or volunteer work. Without having conducted some form of work experience you will find it hard to convince the reader as to how serious you need to study law is. The following are some suggestions as to how you include your work experience within your statement of purpose for law school:

  • Show how your work experience has helped you to cope and fit into different situations and environments other than just school.
  • Demonstrate what you have actually achieved within your work experience. Do not simply list your responsibilities.
  • Show the skills that you have developed and how you have applied those skills. Use clear examples do not simply claim that you developed the particular skill with no evidence to back up your claims.
  • Demonstrate not just those skills that are directly related but also transferable skills such as leadership, or communication.

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Make your law school statement of purpose stand out and prove your commitment towards studying law by including your work experience clearly within your application.