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MBA Statement of Purpose Introduction

Why Is Your Statement of Purpose MBA Introduction So Important?

MBAs are the most sought-after postgraduate qualification that you can seek out. Yet getting into a good program can be very difficult indeed. The best programs want to accept only the best students that the committee feels will benefit the most from their teaching and guidance. Convincing the committee that you are worthy of a place will require an extremely well-written MBA statement of purpose.

The SoP is your chance to clearly show the committee just who you are and why they should be accepting you into their program. A well written and engaging introduction to your statement will be capable of getting their attention and help you to stand out from the others that are applying.

What Should Be Covered in Your MBA Statement of Purpose Introduction?

The statement of purpose for MBA application must be well written throughout and wholly focused on your goal of gaining a place. This means clearly showing the committee the information that they want to know about you. Typically this will mean covering the following areas in your introduction:

  • Why do you need an MBA? Don’t say that you are looking for a higher paying job. Give an indication as to your career goals and why having an MBA is important to achieving those goals.
  • Past work experience: almost every MBA will expect you to have completed a certain amount of work experience. You will be expected to demonstrate career progression during this time. You need to also demonstrate leadership and others skills.
  • Why this MBA? What is it about this specific program that has made you apply? What do they provide that you need for your future goals?

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Ensure that the introduction to your MBA statement of purpose clearly shows your need and suitability for studying in the program by following our professional advice.