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How to Write a Strong Statement of Purpose Stanford MFA

statement of purpose stanford mfa helpOne of the most difficult and probably most crucial of all the letters or essays that you are going to write is the MFA statement of purpose. One of the most common mistakes that student applicants commit is that they start their essay or letters by stating “I am applying to the Master of Fine Arts program in…”

The admissions committee at the university that you are applying for an MFA program knows that is what you are going for. Most schools require writing online statement of purpose MFA that is 350 to 500-word count. You should remember that it is such a short prose to be able to convey all that you have to say and make the members of the admissions remember who you are and what your MFA personal statement is.

What Are the Rules of Writing a Good MFA Statement of Purpose?

An MFA application statement of purpose should clearly show your interests and motivations as well as demonstrating just how well you are going to fit into the program that you are applying to. Most programs will have very precise expectations of you and how your statement should be written and these should always be followed to the letter. So it is very important that you take the time to review those expectations so that you can meet them.

In most cases you must consider the following when you are writing your MFA creative writing statement of purpose:

  • You must keep within their requirements for word count.
  • Answer any specific questions that they are asking you within your statement.
  • Clearly show that you have a passion for the specific field you are applying within.
  • Demonstrate an ability to do the required research to gain your degree.
  • Show that you will fit well into the program of study that they have.

What to Highlight in Your Letter

If you are applying at the top universities in the US like Stanford, it is important that your MFA statement of purpose Stanford should highlight the following; who you are, how who came to be and what you will be in the future. An MFA Statement of Purpose should highlight your past, present, and future. How all your experiences and studies have come together and their effect on you, as the individual that you are right now.

The statement of purpose Stanford depends on which postgraduate program you are applying for. Statement of purpose for Medical Schools and Law school is different from one another. The admissions committee of Law schools needs to find out how well you can reason out while Medical school admissions committee are more interested in your recount of medically related experiences.

What Topic Should Your MFA Application Statement of Purpose Concentrate On?

A good statement of purpose is usually written to a specific theme. This provides you with a storyline as well as point of interest for your reader. They need something that is going to keep their interest while making you memorable. This will usually mean an anecdote about you. Typical themes that you can use are:

  • How a specific event provided you with inspiration or created your interest in your field.
  • How something in your past shaped you into the person that you are today.
  • How you learned something important about yourself.
  • How a particular person has mentored you into following your current path.

7 Mistakes to Avoid in MFA Statement of Purpose

Increase your chances for a Master of Fine Arts degree! Make sure to avoid the following mistakes when writing your statement of purpose for MFA.

  • Using quotations: These overused phrases and statements do not bear any weight to prove your point or highlight your voice. The essay is by and about you. Make your writing shine! Avoid the quotations that are also considered overtired statements.
  • Using clichés: Expressions, such as “Since I was 12” or “I have always been interested in” do not deserve a space in the essay. They don’t strengthen your statement of purpose but take up space.
  • Not writing about concrete examples:  When claiming something, such as creativity, mention ways you are indeed creative. The point is to prove any claim you’re writing and that’s to quantify or mention examples.
  • Writing a generic statement:  Tailor the essay for the program you’re applying. Check the word count and other instructions. Submitting one-size fits all statement won’t help.
  • Being too modest and humble – Don’t be afraid or ashamed to write how good you are, but do not stretch the truth.
  • Not writing a strong introduction and conclusion: Both the first and last impression last. Make your personal statement work. Create an impactful intro and ending.
  • Not checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes – Before submitting your personal statement, you must double check for errors, including typos.

How Can You Write the Best MFA SoP?

The following writing tips will help support you with writing your SoP for MFA applications:

  • Always carefully investigate the program requirements and identify what they see as good applicant so that you can mirror this in your writing.
  • Select an appropriate anecdote to provide your statement with a clear story line rather than simply listing out what makes you a good applicant.
  • Work on your opening line: it has to be capable of really hooking the interest of the reader. If you cannot wake them and get their interest you have lost before you have even begun.
  • Ensure that your writing is concise and relevant: every word should clearly show your suitability for the program that you are applying to.
  • Revise and rewrite: you must be prepared to rewrite your statement several times to come up with something that you can submit with pride.
  • Proofread: never submit your statement without careful checking. Any errors could waste all of the hard work that you have done.
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When composing a statement of letter for MFA, you must read the essay thoroughly. The university requires you to answer in essay and write according to a word count requirement. Your answer must be concise and strategic, bear in mind that you are answering a committee that will soon be your colleagues as well. Concentrate on what you can be able to do in the future and how they will be able to benefit from you and vice versa.

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