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How to Write a GRE Waiver Request Letter

Learning How to Write a GRE Waiver Request Letter

Most of those people who are already working and wish to continue with their studies usually have a feeling that they cannot start right from where everyone else is starting from when starting their higher education studies. It is often believed that a person who is already working under the type of study he/she wishes to study should be given an exemption for the first one or two years of study or even some exemptions to some of the papers that are to be undertaken through the study of the proposed program. This is however very correct and that is their right, but before you are given the exemptions, you seek, you must submit a letter seeking to waive the GRE and then hope that your application is approved. Since you want to make sure that your letter is accepted, you should remember to follow the steps highlighted below and you find yourself coming up with a perfect letter since these steps will surely teach you how to write a GRE waiver request letter. It is important to create the right and concise structure for the letter, the as for the army SoP and any kind of official letter. 
gre waiver request letter sampleHow you can write a successful GRE waiver, follow these tips:

  • Write using a business letter format template, but before you start writing check for the special forms that need to be used on the program website.
  • Address your letter personally to the specific person.
  • In the opening paragraph mention your GRE waiving intent and request for it.
  • In the second and third paragraph mention the reasons why you are applying for the waiver. Specifically, in the third paragraph mention the facts that allow you to waive the test. Keep the paragraphs very short and factual.
  • In the last paragraph summarize all that you mentioned in one sentence. Don’t forget to mention you’re waiting for the decision and provide thanks for your letter consideration with “yours sincerely” or “yours faithfully” + name.

Where to Begin When Writing a GRE Waiver Request Letter

You will certainly want to prove to the panel reviewing the applications that you truly deserve that waive by proving to them that you are indeed knowledgeable in the fields and papers you are seeking exemption and this will start by you submitting a quality waiver request letter. The first step to coming up with a comprehensive letter is to first comprehend the SoP writing format of such a letter. Since it will be a very official letter, you will definitely need to ensure that you follow the format used to write official letters where there must two addresses. The format is no different from the usual formal letters and this should not tale much of your time.


Using a GRE Waiver Request Letter Sample

Now should you find yourself experiencing some difficulties in developing your waiver request letter, you should simply try and use a more simpler and easier method for getting yourself to submit a quality waiver letter. You may try and use a sample to guide you in writing your own customized letter. This is method is highly efficient since the sample will provide you with all the relevant details that such a letter should have and by using it as your guide to writing your own letter, you will surely not miss on any of the important points of such a letter.

Understanding the GRE Waiver Request

Now the main reason why the GRE waiver maybe waived for you is by convincing the panel reviewing your application that you are worthy of the opportunity they are offering. The body part of your letter should address the reasons as to why you think you deserve the waiver you are requesting and you should therefore make sure that you bring out the qualifications you think are necessary for such an exemption. The body will be what convinces the panel and you should therefore be very careful when you choose the points to address in the letter.
GRE scores statistics

Always Make Certain That Your Letter Is Perfect

You cannot submit a letter that has some mistakes in it whether they are grammar or of any other type since you will prove to the panel that you are not as competent as you claim to be. You should therefore always make sure that you go through your waiver request letter and ascertain that it is perfect or even you could request a professional proofreader to do that for you. As soon as you follow the above steps you are guaranteed to have understood how to write a online SoP services.

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