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How to Write a GMAT Waiver Request Letter

This Is How to Write a GMAT Waiver Request Letter

Once you decide to continue with your education and you are currently working, it is important that you choose the area of study and the institution of learning very wisely. You certainly do not want to fail to benefit from your working experience when applying for a program admission. Since there are those programs that offer a GMAT waiver and those that do not as well as institutions that offer and those that do not, you should choose those that offer a waiver so that you can benefit from your work experience. However, even as we insist that you apply to those institutions and programs that offer waivers for their programs, you should also be in a position to come up with a quality waiver request letter capable of convincing those that are analyzing the admission applications. Since we understand how challenging this can be especially so if you are doing for the first time, we try to make this process as easy as possible by giving you an insight on some of the tips on how to write a GMAT waiver request letter.

Writing a GMAT Waiver Request Letter

By now you must know that each type of letter has its own features and for you to be successful in coming up with a quality waiver letter and increase your chances of getting admitted to a higher level of the program, you should first understand the features of this letter. By understanding the features of this letter, you will definitely experience a relatively easier time when writing your letter since all the sections of the letter will be with you at all times. You should therefore know how to plan your content in such a letter since you do not want to give the panel any reason to decline your waiver request. GRE waiver request letter as well as the GMAT requires you to be eligible for the request making.

How to write GMAT waiver letter? First, fulfill the general norms for eligibility:

  • provide the proof for 10 years working experience
  • provide the proof for the high GPA scores and significant academic achievements
  • provide the advanced master’s degree
  • supply 3 recommendation letters
  • provide the copies of undergraduate and graduate school transcripts
  • provide the waiver for the GMAT

GMAT scores statistics

What should you write about in GMAT waiver?

  • The opening line. Here should be the introduction of your letter, one line statement is enough. In this one-line statement cite the request for you GMAT waiver.
  • The first paragraph. Basically, the first paragraph is the body of your letter, show your analytical way of thinking by adding your professional experiences and skills. Give the relevant examples picturing the challenges you overcame in the past.
  • The second paragraph. The rest of the body letter should deliver the specific examples from your professional career that clearly show why you don’t have to deal with GMAT, because of the level of knowledge you’ve reached during the work.
  • The fourth paragraph. Conclusions. In the conclusion, part feature the acknowledgment that you are waiting for the reply and provide thanks for your letter consideration.

Writing a Waiver Letter Using a GMAT Waiver Request Letter Sample

There is no doubt that we are not all the same and we cannot all remember the format as well as the arrangement of the ideas in such an important request letter and it is for this reason that we advocate for the use of samples as your blueprint to developing such letters. The samples letters provided to you will show you how to integrate your relevant qualifications in the letter so that you can impress those reading and consequently end being granted the waiver you were requesting. The sample letter also shows which type of information is relevant for which waiver request and this will increase your chances of being able to write even statement of purpose software engineering. In case you need a comprehensive GMAT waiver letter help that answers all the questions ask our writers for help.

What Information to Write in Your GMAT Waiver Request

There are a number of points you will need to address in the body of your letter so that your letter can address all the points that pane will be looking to find in such a letter. First of all for you to decide which type of information us relevant, you may decide to use the requirements that have been listed by the institution as mandatory for one to be accorded a waiver and then use those requirements to come up with the body of your letter by stating and listing the qualifications you possess that match with the mandatory requirements.


An Important Aspect of Your Waiver Request Letter

It is very important that you note that you should only mention the true facts about your qualifications in such a letter since the letter is supposed to be a reflection of your resume. You should therefore not make up any points that are not true since your resume will be used to confirm what you allege and you do not want your waiver request being declined even though you understand how to write a GMAT waiver request letter.

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