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Help with Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Engineering

Applying for a Masters degree in Computer Engineering is a big step to take but one that you can accomplish easily if you have a well written statement of purpose for MS in computer engineering on hand. Just as the name suggests, this paper states why you want to take up said degree. Of course, this isn’t merely about writing down your reasons but instead, your paper should talk to your reader. You can write a better paper if you read more tips on how to write one.

Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Engineering

  • Engage the attention – You need to grab the reader’s attention right from the opening sentence in much the same way as a newspaper article. Ensure that you have a hook to draw in the reader’s attention.
  • Create a story – Your statement should be more of a story that has real interest than just a list of reasons why you should be chosen if you want to be memorable.
  • Stick to the topic – Your statement should be written about you; your reasons for studying computer engineering and where you see your future taking you.
  • Be persuasive, specific and clear – Since you’ll be applying for a Masters degree, your writing skills should be higher. This means that you need to be concise and persuasive with your writing.
  • Follow a structure – You should have a format to follow when writing your SoP to ensure that your paper flows from start to finish regardless of whether you are writing an SoP biomedical engineering or for engineering management statement of purpose.
  • Check the formatting Your writing is limited and must remain within the word count for your application; always check your program for their specific requirements. Always write concisely so as never to waste your words.
  • Avoid slang Using “clever” words will likely backfire; so always use language that everyone can understand and avoid acronyms and slang.
  • Write your purpose – Write about your reasons why you want to apply for a Masters degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Add experiences related to the program – If you have any experiences that are related to Computer Engineering, feel free to integrate them in your statement of purpose.
  • Add personality – A computer engineering statement of purpose shouldn’t be boring to read. Adding a bit of personality to it will help make it easier for the reader to understand you better.
  • Mind the context Never use clichés, repeat yourself, or state the obvious within your writing.
  • Always be honest; do not be tempted to embellish the truth as it will be discovered at some point.
  • Proofread – Avoid any errors; carefully proofread your statement or ask a third party to do it for you.

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