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Statement of Purpose Formatting Requirements

Is Formatting a Statement of Purpose Important?

Presenting your information within your statement of purpose in the correct fashion is very important. You need for your writing to be clear and easy to understand if the admissions committee is going to be able to read it. It is therefore important that you always follow the instructions for a statement of purpose formatting that you are provided with.

In many cases however your formatting will be controlled by the system through which you submit your statement and other application documents. For instance, UCAS will require you to input your statement directly into their system which allows for just 47 lines of script. Any formatting that you have made to your original document will be stripped when you copy and paste your text. If however, you are applying directly to a program through their own system then you should always follow their instructions to the letter.

Correct Statement of Purpose Formatting

If you have to worry about formatting statement of purpose pages for your application you should always follow the guidance below:

  • Read the specific instructions of the program that you are applying to and follow them precisely.
  • If you have to submit a hard copy and no instructions are provided allow 1” margins and use a font that is easy to read in 12pt size.
  • Never use the script or other difficult to read fonts within your writing.
  • Don’t use excessive amounts of bold or italics within your text to highlight information.
  • Never use all capitals within any of your writing; the committee does not want to be shouted at.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs to break up your writing into easy to read manageable chunks.

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Follow our advice to ensure that your statement of purpose formatting is done perfectly so as to impress the committee for admissions.