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PhD Program Statement of Purpose | Extracurricular Experience

Should You Cover Extracurricular Experience in Your Statement of Purpose for PhD Admission?

Showing that you have the skills required to complete your doctoral studies is vital if you are to convince the admission committee that you are worth selecting. While they will very much concentrate on your academic skills you may wish to supplement these with skills that you have developed elsewhere. Often there are things that you have learned through your extracurricular activities that will be highly relevant to your proposed research.

If you are going to include extracurricular skills when writing a PhD statement of purpose you must ensure that they are relevant to your application. If those skills do not directly relate to your future studies then you should not be wasting your limited word count on explaining them.

Cover Your Experience within Your PhD Program Statement of Purpose

The following tips and advice should be carefully followed when including your extracurricular experience within your statement of purpose for PhD admission:

  • Make sure that the experience is totally relevant to your application if it does not then do not include it.
  • Try to stick to skills that are relevant to your future studies such as leadership, project management, and analysis. Avoid character-based skills unless they are truly relevant to the program you are entering such as for those that may have social benefits.
  • Don’t just make unsubstantiated claims. If you have learned excellent project management skills show where you used them and what the outcome was. If you can add numbers to your achievements then it will provide a stronger example to support your claims.

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Cover your extracurricular activities in an effective manner by following our professional support when writing your PhD program statement of purpose.