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The Need to Include Your Extracurricular Activities in Your Statement of Purpose for Law School

Law schools are very selective and will be looking to only admit those students that they feel will have the skills required to succeed in this demanding field. So if you fail to demonstrate those skills and qualities within your application then you could be wasting your time. Your law school statement of purpose is your opportunity to put forward your argument as to why you should be selected for their program. Including the skills that they are looking for within this statement will help show that you are the right person for the program.

The skills that you cultivate through your extracurricular activities can often contribute to your personal statement in a significant way. That is if you are able to write your statement in a way that can keep their attention and show you off in the best light.

Include Extracurricular Skills Successfully in Your Law School Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose law school has to be able to successfully and persuasively show the reader that you have precisely the skills that they would expect of someone studying law. The following easy to follow guide will help you to decide what should be included and how:

  • Concentrate on the skills that you have learned through the extracurricular activities and not the activity itself. These could be debating skills, analytical thinking, leadership and many more. Often skills are transferable even if they are not immediately obvious as being required such as communication skills.
  • Is the information truly relevant to your application? If the skill is not something that they are specifically looking for then it is not worth including within your statement.
  • Don’t simply say that you have a skill, anyone can claim that they can do something. You need to demonstrate what you have learned with a clear example that shows what you have achieved when using that skill effectively.

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Show your suitability for studying by including your extracurricular skills in your well-written law school statement of purpose.