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Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree Writing

Why Do You Need to Use Your Extracurricular Activities in Your Masters Degree Statement of Purpose?

Your statement of purpose master’s degree is not simply something that you can quickly knock out to show that you have the required skills and background that they are looking for. You have to make yourself stand out as an individual and get the full attention of the reader. What you do in your free time in the way of extracurricular activities can often provide you with a huge amount of information to make you stand out in some way.

The more unique you can make yourself while still showing you have what the committee wants to see the more likely you are to be accepted into a program.

Cover Your Extracurricular Activities in Your Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree

The following should be considered when you are including information about your personal interests into your statement of purpose for masters applications:

  • Is the information truly relevant to your application? If it cannot add anything positive to your application or make you sound more interesting, then it should not be included in your writing.
  • How does your extracurricular activity, hobby, or other interest make you a more interesting person in the eyes of the committee?
  • Do your activities directly relate to the program that you are applying to and how?
  • Are there transferable skills that you have learned within your activities that are relevant to your application. This could include things such as team working, communication skills, etc. Provide clear examples of how you have successfully used these skills and what they mean to you.

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Make your statement of purpose master’s degree truly stand out and impress the committee by including relevant and interesting information from your extracurricular activities and other interests.