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Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree

The Importance of Your Masters Degree Statement of Purpose

If you are going to be selected for the masters program that you are applying to you must convince the reader that you have the required skills and background to actually undertake the required work. This means ensuring that you cover your current studies in a way that provides you with a firm framework on which you can build your suitability for their program. If you cannot convince them that you have the skills and experience they are looking for then your chances of getting selected will be next to nil.

Show the Relevance of Your Current Studies in Your Statement of Purpose Master’s Degree

Convincing the admissions committee of your suitability will mean covering all of the following when writing your masters statement of purpose:

  • How does your current degree relate to the program you are applying to: in many cases, you will continue to study in the same field, if however, you are changing in some way such as from chemistry into medicine you will want to show how your current studies are preparing you for that move.
  • Demonstrate suitable knowledge: you will need to show that your current studies are providing you with a solid base for your intended studies and that you will not be disadvantaged in any way.
  • Show you have the required skills: demonstrate, usually with examples, how you are developing the research and technical skills that you will require to further your studies.
  • Project working: show and explain how you have been doing research within either group or as an individual and how it is preparing you for doing research at master’s level.
  • Project management: demonstrate that you have a firm grasp of how to select the correct methodologies to conduct research and the skills required to lead a piece of research in your chosen area.

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By convincing the reader that you will have the expected skills and knowledge to work on their program through a well-written statement of purpose master’s degree you will be able to overcome the first hurdle that you will face in your application.