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Writing a Statement of Purpose | Creative Beginnings

Why Is Your Opening Important When Writing an Academic Statement of Purpose?

What makes you want to read something that you see in a newspaper or a magazine? Usually, it is the headline and the opening few lines which are carefully designed to get your attention and make you want to discover more. The same is true when writing a statement of purpose for your application. The better you can grab the attention of the reader right from those opening lines the more likely you are to keep their attention on the end of your statement and make them remember you.

Being memorable is vital when you write your statement of purpose. Places are always oversubscribed so getting selected means standing out in some way. Having an excellent and unforgettable creative start to your statement is one way to achieve this.

Writing a Statement of Purpose with a Creative Start

Writing the statement of purpose with a more creative start is not compulsory. You can open with a few lines that simply explains why you are applying to your intended program. However many others will use this approach and you risk simply blending into the crowd and not getting your writing noticed. While you should not use a “shock horror” approach to get attention as some suggest. Going over the top creatively will simply be seen as a ploy on your part to get attention and can backfire.

The following advice can be followed to help you put together an interesting and effective creative opening to your personal statement:

  • Tell a personal story: an anecdote that is relevant to your intended studies is often an excellent way to start off a personal statement. Often it will be how you have realized that you want to study in this particular field. However, avoid any clichés or stories that just sound made up.
  • Use a quotation: this is something that should be done with great care. Using a quotation that is simply overused by many others or too well known could easily be seen as a clichéd opening. Also, ensure that your reasons for using the quotation are firm and that you can relate them to you personally.
  • Humor: another area to use with great care. Used well something that is humorous can be a great opening, however, not everyone’s sense of humor is the same. What may seem a huge chuckle to you may simply be groan-inducing for another.

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Get the attention of the admissions attention fully by using our advice for crafting a creative opening when writing a statement of purpose for admission.