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Law School Statement of Purpose Conclusion

Why Is Your Statement of Purpose for Law School Concluding Paragraph So Important?

A well-written law school statement of purpose will clearly show just how well suited you are to the program that you are applying to. Places are highly competitive and you will want the committee members to remember your statement when it comes time to make their decisions. One of the factors that will affect their perception of your application will be your concluding paragraph.

Your conclusion is the last thing that they will read and will need to clearly and effectively remind them as to exactly why they should be choosing you. You want to leave them with a closing that they will not forget and that clearly shows how you are the best person to select. However, writing an effective conclusion to your SoP is not going to be that easy.

How to Conclude Your Law School Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose law school needs to end leaving the reader confident that you are a perfect choice for their program. To achieve this you should use these conclusion writing tips for your statement of purpose:

  • Your conclusion should summarize the most important parts of your statement that reflect the specific areas that the committee is looking for.
  • If required tie the conclusion back to your initial paragraph to show how you have answered any points in your introduction.
  • Do not include any additional new information within your conclusion.
  • Clearly, show that the program you are applying to aligns perfectly with your own future career and educational goals.
  • Always ensure that your conclusion is persuasive and grammatically correct with no writing issues that would stick in the mind of the reader.

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Follow our simple advice for writing an effective conclusion to your effective law school statement of purpose for your application.