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How to Write Statement of Purpose for Internship

sop for mba helpA statement of purpose letter is a very important document that will help the admissions committee of a university to decide whether you are qualified for their program. It can be detrimental to the career path that you are going to take and the future that will be for you. Writing an amazing statement of purpose that could impress the admissions committee and prompt them to make a positive decision is such a daunting task for even the most experienced and determined applicant. The content must say who you are, who came to be and who you will be in the future. As much as the content is important so is the SoP length, the statement of purpose length is about 2-3 pages long while for some the statement of purpose word count is roughly about 500 words, the SoP for MBA can be among them. Order your statement of purpose for PhD in electronics engineering!

Here’s some information about the statement of purpose from Central European University.

How to Write an Amazing Statement of Purpose Letter or Essay:

  • Know who you are, in order for the admissions committee to make a positive decision you must be able to tell them about yourself. You must be sure of who you are, what you want and be determined of who you want to be in the future.
  • Create an outline for your statement of purpose essay; know the order of what you are going to write and how you are going to write it. The SoP length does not determine the decision of the admissions, but the content.
  • The body of the essay should be based on one central idea, do not confuse each paragraph with one another. So as not to confuse the reader, each paragraph should center on one idea.
  • Make a conclusion, your statement purpose essay should discuss your thesis and research, there should be ideas and statements that challenge the reader to want to know more and take interest in what you can do.

How to Shorten the Length of SoP

Did your statement goes beyond the required length and you want to shorten it? You can highlight and remove all adverbs, such as really, extremely, excellently and completely.   Find short phrases or words followed by a comma, such as first, to be frank, in fac, and in conclusion. Take out helping verbs, including will attend or is going to be attending.  Also, get rid of the “to be” verbs, and convert nouns into verbs.

  300 words sop sample  500 words sop sample

How to Make the Length of SoP Longer

Now if your statement is short of the required word count, you can also lengthen it by quantifying your stories and adding important information on them. Remember the statement of purpose story must not only be qualitative but also quantitative. Also, think of adding a few more achievements or accomplishments related to the central theme of your story about leadership, innovation and so on. You may also add line spacing from 1- to 1.5-line spacing and use a bigger font. However, only increase the line spacing if the program did not specify that in the instructions.

Remember This:

statement of purpose for ms in electrical engineering helpThere is no specific statement of purpose word count, it could be 2 to 3 pages in length and for some it could be 500 words or more. The statement of purpose length is based on what you have to say about yourself and your research and study, just as long as it keeps the readers interested in what you have to say and they have a clear idea of what your plans are.

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