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Your MBA Statement of Purpose Career Goals

The Importance of Having Clear Career Goals within Your MBA Application Statement of Purpose

An MBA is not a degree that you will take on a whim. You have to have a clear understanding of where you are looking to head in your future and what you hope to learn through your MBA. Without this understanding, you are unlikely to fully benefit from what you are being taught. As such it is unlikely that you will be selected for a place if you are unable to demonstrate clear goals in your MBA statement of purpose.

You must be able to supply the reader with a feasible and achievable idea of where your career is heading. This must be specific to you and not just some generic statement that anyone could make. A well-written statement outlining your future goals can help you to truly get your statement noticed and help you to gain a place in the program you are targeting.

How to Outline Your Career Goals in Your MBA Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose for MBA admissions must clearly show the reader your reasons for following their MBA program and more often than not it is to achieve your future career aspirations. This is one of the most important areas that the committee will be seeking answers for and must be covered very carefully. The following advice will help you to cover both short and long-term goals within your statement:

  • Show a logical progression: more often than not your future ambitions will have a logical progression from your past experience. So if you have been working within accounts you may wish to become a CFO in the long term. While someone that is working within marketing may have the ambition to become an entrepreneur with their own business. If the two are too disjointed and there is no explanation of your transition then it may be seen as not feasible.
  • Be specific: just saying you want to work in marketing is not going to impress anyone. What industry will it be in, what sort of goods, etc?
  • Don’t make statements that will be seen as generic: simply saying I want to work in consulting should be expanded on to show your more specific and personalized goals.

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Provide the admissions committee with a clear understanding of where you are heading by following our advice for your goals when writing your MBA statement of purpose.