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Writing Statement of Purpose for PhD | Broader Goals & Motivations

How Does Including Your Goals and Motivations Help When Writing a Statement of Purpose for PhD

The statement of purpose for PhD program applications is often seen as the most important part of your application. You will be competing against many others for a place and academically you will often look very similar. So how you present yourself when writing statement of purpose for PhD applications will have a significant impact on your chances of success.

The admissions committee will want to know that you are truly serious about your intended research and that you have the skills to finish your studies. They will also want to see that you are fully motivated towards finishing your doctoral studies. The more reasons you can provide to make them see that you are serious about your studies the more likely you are to be considered a good applicant for their program.

Writing Statement of Purpose for PhD to Include Your Goals and Motivations

If you want to be seen as a serious applicant that is going to see their studies through to the end and not buckle under the pressure then it is best to clearly demonstrate just why you really want this PhD. The following advice for including your goals and motivations within your statement should be followed if you want to impress the reader:

  • Explain how gaining a PhD in this field fulfills your personal goals in regards to both the subject and a need to be educated to this level.
  • Provide your reasons for studying in this specific field and why it is so important not only to your subject area but you personally.
  • Show your plans once you have completed your doctorate. Clear plans that require you to complete your PhD will show the committee that you are unlikely to walk out on the research prior to completion.

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Make sure that you have clear motivations for completing your studies detailed when writing statement of purpose for PhD applications by using our superior writing advice.

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