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A Guide to Writing a Berkeley Statement of Purpose

How Important Is the Berkeley SoP?

Many students want to get into the University of California, Berkeley, after all, it is seen as the top research institution at UC as well as coming 21st in the US News list of top universities in the US. The university accepts around just 16% of those applying so getting in will mean ensuring that your application is capable of making you stand out. This is especially true for your UC Berkeley statement of purpose which is often your only opportunity to sell yourself fully to the admissions committee. An Ohio state graduate school statement of purpose should be very different to one for UC Berkeley.

There are 14 schools or colleges to which you can apply within Berkeley including the Haas School of Business which accepts just 13% of applicants and is seen as one of the top places to study business in the US. Each will expect to see a high standard of the applicant with regards to your ACT, SAT, and GPA. Many of those that you will be competing with are going to have similar or even higher scores than you. So providing a statement of purpose Berkeley that is highly engaging and memorable is going to provide you with that edge that you need. Remember that the better you tailor your personal essay to the college the more chance you have of success.

How to Apply to Berkeley

Getting into UC Berkeley is highly competitive and as such you will need to ensure that all parts of your application are completed perfectly and that you meet their exacting standards. It is also best to carefully check the individual school that you are applying to in case there are any specific additional requirements that they have. In general, you will need to show:

  • An average GPA minimum of 3.0 (3.4 for out of state applicants) with a minimum of a C across 15 different specific subject areas.
  • ACT with writing or SAT with essay results.
  • Your transcripts
  • 4 Personal insight question answers
  • Letters of Recommendation

Where Should You Apply within UC Berkeley

Of course, knowing what to study and where you will study it within the different schools with Berkeley is important. The most sought-after course within the college are:

  • Social Sciences; these are taught within the Berkeley College of Letters & Science and will cover many areas of human experience. There are 12 different departments that operate in this area from African American Studies to Psychology and Sociology.
  • Engineering: the UC Berkeley College of Engineering is ranked third in the US News and their faculty is staffed by some of the best you will find with 73 being members of the National Academy of Engineering.
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences: depending on which particular branch of Biology you wish to study you could be studying Molecular & Cell Biology in the College of Letters and Science or Chemical Biology at the College of Chemistry.
  • For graduates, you may wish to study for your full-time MBA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business which has one of the best courses you will find in the world.

berkeley statement of purpose writing tips

Writing Your Perfect Berkeley Statement of Purpose

Depending on where you are within your education will define what is expected of you in the way of a Statement of Purpose UC Berkeley. For graduate applicants, you will be expected to write a comprehensive statement of purpose while undergraduates will be expected to provide a UC Berkeley admission essay against 4 of the 8 prompts that are provided. Which prompts you to choose to answer is left up to you but obviously answer those that you feel most comfortable with. Transfer students have a similar set of essays to write but will have 1 set prompt and can then choose 3 from 7.

The personal insight questions are limited to a total of 350 words each and you should not exceed this limit. For a graduate statement of purpose, your writing should be between 500 and 1000 words maximum.

Whichever you are answering you should always do the following:

  • Always carefully review the prompts and the guidance that the college provides. They offer you very clear information as to what they will be expecting for each prompt and you should read this carefully.
  • Look very carefully at all of the information that you have been provided for Berkeley so that you can see exactly what they value within a student. This information should be reflected in your essays so that they will see that you are a good match for their expectations.
  • Look at a Berkeley statement of purpose sample so that you can see how others have tackled this task. Do not however simply copy what you find. Your writing must be personal to you.
  • Write about yourself, while this may sound obvious many applicants fail to do so. The whole point of the essays is for the committee to learn who you are from your personal essay.
  • Get your statement of purpose formatting correct. Use short concise sentences that are easy to understand. Break up your writing into easy to follow paragraphs with clear transitions between.
  • Never make unsubstantiated claims. If you are a great leader show it by giving an example of when you used your skills and what happened.
  • Be concise in your writing and get straight to the point. The word count is limited and you must make every word that you use count.
  • Only include information that is relevant to the prompt and to you gaining the place that you are looking for.
  • Never use clichés or copy any information for your writing. Your essays must be clearly in your own unique words.
  • Always carefully check your work so that you don’t let any mistakes slip through.

Why Work with Our Professionals for Your UC Berkeley Statement of Purpose

As a highly competitive college, you need every advantage that you can muster with your application. Working with experts that fully understand every aspect of the application process to Berkeley will provide you with the edge that you need. We offer you the opportunity to work with specialists that fully understand your subject area and exactly what needs to be done to impress the committee. They work directly with you to ensure that your personal answers will fully reflect exactly what they want to see in a way that is going to impress.

All writing is done in perfect English and carefully tailored to your specific application. It is also proofread by a certified professional and will be supplied to you with a plagiarism report to show that it is fully unique to you. We always deliver your statement on time and our work is fully covered by our money back guarantee.

Make your application a successful one by getting in touch with our specialists for help with writing the perfect Berkeley statement of purpose.

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