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PhD Statement of Purpose to HIghlight Academic Experience

Your PhD Application Statement of Purpose Needs to Show You Have the Required Academic Experience

The admissions committee will want to know that you have the academic experience and research skills required to be able to complete your PhD research. While your resume may spell this out but your PhD statement of purpose provides you with an opportunity to explain why this experience is important to your future research. You are certainly going to be excellently qualified academically but your statement gives you the perfect chance to explain how those qualifications make you the best selection for their program.

Knowing how to write a statement of purpose for PhD applications effectively is not easy and many applicants will fail to cover this information in sufficient depth within their statement. The committee, however, will want to see clearly that you have the skills that are going to be required to complete your studies successfully and to gain that doctorate degree.

How to Write the Perfect PhD Statement of Purpose

Covering your academic experience within your statement will need to be done perfectly. This does not however simply mean repeating what you have in your resume. Follow these tips for covering your academic experience in your statement:

  • Stand out by explaining the significance of your qualifications to the program that you are applying to. Do not simply repeat the facts from your resume.
  • Demonstrate what your past education has allowed you to learn about the field in which you hope to continue your studies.
  • Clearly, show that your past experience has provided you with the research and analytical skills that are required to conduct work at this level.

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Cover your past academic experience thoroughly in your PhD statement of purpose by using our professional advice for your application.