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A Guide on SoP for Financial Engineering Writing

The Importance of Your SoP for Financial Engineering

If you want to enter a financial engineering program your application will need to be capable of making you stand out from the many other applicants. This is especially true of your SoP for financial engineering which is your opportunity to say why they need to give you a place in your own words. They want to know so much about you that they just cannot get from your grades alone so your statement of purpose will need to be able to clearly and perfectly communicate your suitability for a place.

What Needs to Be in Your Financial Engineering SoP?

An SoP will typically be just one page in length although you do need to check the precise requirements with the institution that you are applying to.

Despite its short length it will need to communicate all of the following:

  • Why are you interested in financial engineering; how, when and why did you become interested?
  • What makes you qualified to study this field and follow a career within it?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time career wise; why is this program important to you gaining your goals?
  • Do you have any specific reasons why you want to apply to this financial engineering program over any other?

Tips to Write an Effective Statement of Purpose for Financial Engineering Applications

Your SoP for financial engineering applications must be written in a highly engaging style that will clearly communicate what you want the reader to know. To achieve this you should follow the following tips:

  • Your opening line must be attention grabbing without being overly dramatic; it must also be relevant to your application.
  • Flow is important within your statement if you want the reader to be drawn through to your conclusion.
  • The words that you use are very important but you must take care to avoid any acronyms, slang or words that may be misinterpreted or not understood at all.
  • Always write about you; do not speak about others or use quotations.
  • Be concise; with a limited word count you need to avoid wordiness.
  • Never use humor even if you are good at it.
  • Never plagiarize; it will be recognized.
  • Never tell any form of lie within your application.
  • Avoid errors by careful proofreading; if possible ask others to edit your statement for you.
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