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Dorie is a professional admissions writer who completed over hundreds of various personal statements, statements of purpose and application resumes for customers. Each document Dorie creates is fully customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Statement of purpose writer Dorie strives to create outstanding application documents and never uses cliches. Her works are always creative, concise and interesting at the same time.

Dorie's customers gave over 98% positive feedback last year.


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This client was fresh out of high school, with little work experience to comment upon. He wanted to apply to a college, he wasn't sure which college was his preferred choice, nor did he really have an understanding of what course it as that he wanted to take. He did, however, want a resume that looked good. The problem he was facing that there was very little to write on the resume due to his little experience, traditionally on resume's you will note your educational qualifications and your results only, along with any work experience you have gained. This client hadn’t any work experience which meant that the resume looked very blank. What I did for him was to design a resume that looked professional and like a lot of work had been put into it, when it actuality I used a template I have downloaded and simply amended it to give it the wow factor. Then I added a personal objective section, in which I explained that the gentleman was fresh out of school, had little work experience due to applying all of his time and energy into his studies. I then followed this up with a note that the gentleman would like to continue his studies further so that he could become an expert in his chosen field. I also made sure I included any other details about the gentleman that may make him more appealing on paper, such as additional languages, hobbies and skills, for example. This resulted in a full and professional looking resume and the client was very happy, informing me that he would come back to me to request a personal statement.

More About Us

Moving on to college is a big step for your education not to mention an exciting experience because you get to take your knowledge further. This means that aside from focusing on improving your grades, you should also consider how to write your college admission resume and academic statement of purpose. Most students fail to write an impressive resume but this can be easily avoided by researching ways on how to write the best resume there is.

How to Write College Admission Resume on Your Own

  • List your experiences in chronological order. This means that you should start with the most recent experience that you have that can be related to the course that you wish to take up.
  • Focus on certain experiences that you think will help you stand out among other applicants.
  • Make sure that you are consistent throughout your resume. This means following proper grammar rules as well as formatting not to mention the flow and content of your resume.
  • Look for people who will be willing to write recommendations for you so you can include it in your application.
  • Edit your work or have someone review your written resume to ensure that you’ve done it right.
  • Always proofread your work. This is a good practice that you should develop because it will help you become more attentive to what you are writing.
  • Add personal experiences to your resume that reflect your strongest points as to why you should be chosen for the course you want.

Main Challenges of College Student Resumes

For high school students preparing their resume for college, they tend to find it difficult because they don’t know what to write. Another challenge that they often face is how to make their resume interesting right from the start. To solve these problems, you should make a list of your experiences that are relevant to the course that you want to take up. Focus more on your specialization if you want to make an impression with your readers. Keep in mind that your resume is all about you. It would be a great idea to write down personal accomplishments that you think highlights the best skills that you have as well as your character. A college admission resume along with the statement of interest should always be consistent from start to finish that is why you need to go over what you’ve written several times to ensure that the flow of your ideas complement one another.