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Undergraduate Statement of Purpose Sample

If you have no idea how to create your own Statement of Purpose, we are hear to help you. You may check sample done by our writers.

The training I received in Engineering College in Robotics, set the stage for the Business Analysis I’ve become. The work I completed in robotics was awarded at many national level competitions. Moving to autonomous robots was a huge move forward intellectually and in honing skills. At IIT Mumbai building a haptic arm, combined artificial intelligence and robotics. A device invaluable in critical conditions where surgery needs to be performed, but the doctor is not physically present. Thus I graduated with innovative, problem-solving, persistence skills as well as deft abilities in team work and being a leader.

Another tutorial, but now in a business domain were the three years I spent at Accenture. As a Reporting and Analytics Contractor overseeing Market Research – Surveys, I found myself utilizing the same analytical and cognitive skills, albeit in a different context Whether responsible for delivering assigned projects and key tasks on time and as stipulated. Testing the tool created using CONFIRMIT for generating reports. Reporting generation for Engagement Pulse in Excel formats. Quality checking and analyzing data. Ow only did my mastery of Excel for analysis and decision making recommendations assume expert level. But I found in business analytics the puzzles and adjustments in protocols was not terribly different from Robotics, but here your decision had ramifications for all stakeholders in a given firm. Indeed, the culmination of my achievements there included Automation of the extraction and report creation process using VBA saving of 1092 Hours/year. As well as End to End automation saving a total of 960 hours/year. Installing automation processes using SQL and VBA among others.
At Genpact, my current employer, while I have been with the firm a relatively short time, much has been done. Using different regression techniques such as annova analysis, we can predict the monthly sales accurately, taking into account all the factors. In the same vein we can predict the behavior of the customer accurately using key analytics, to predict whether the customer will renew the subscription. To better access the above information using a tableau visualization tool, have created decks showing the above information, focused on customer needs. The advantage of the knowledge provided by data visualization—taught in the program- I will be in a position to decide, which is the graph type best suited for the data and which graph can provide maximum insights or information. With such design and execution command, I have swiftly become a go-to person in my organization. Other accomplishments include saving $21k/annum by creating and automating a representative Sales Reports within 2 months of joining at Enact. As well as the receipt of the Bronze award in Genpact within 3 months of joining the firm. In being given for exemplary contribution towards creating savings and coordinating across teams for the same, it was a meaningful award. Within 6 months of joining GenTech, I had also received the silver and rising star awards


Being multilingual, highly experience in using my education and skills in venues ranging from a fledgling robotics engineer, to a switch engineer, involved in web based application, to my current involvement in as an proven business analyst. I know this is the path upon which I intend to continue. Success in all previous domains leaves me confident and eager to undertake the challenges of graduate school. In a self-assessment I bring the following strengths to your program. Beyond an Intense dedication towards finishing assigned job and honoring my commitment. My leadership skills ars strong and have been repeatedly tested yet I can smoothly work with a team.

In every realm of involvement I have been quality conscious with the ability to grasp new concepts quickly. Working with your excellent faculty, intelligent student bodies and surrounded by a wealth of resources I know I will do well.


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