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Statement of Purpose Example

In the age of technology and the global market making a brand name has never been easier or more difficult. For businesses with a good product it might be easy to get the product on the shelf, but making it a household name requires more than just a good product. The use of technology has made it easier to market products to a larger target audience; however, minimal success does ensure that the product will be in demand for long. This is partially because technology makes it easy for anyone to copy an idea. Thus the key to success lies in the manner in which the company or product is branded.

Due to the global market we are all bombarded by multiple kinds of successful brands with headquarters located all parts of the world. From computers and mobile phones that we rely on for our daily communication needs, to the food we eat and which shops we buy our clothes, it’s the brand than makes the difference. Even though there are countless brands that are identical in every way except they are not marketed or branded as well, those that are as easily recognized have learned that the key to success is the right kind of promotion. If the company or product is properly promoted a brand name is established and the roots of long term success are planted.


Although there many large brands coming from the US, Europe and China, many other countries find their products are lost once they enter the global market. Despite the effectiveness of a brand in Africa, many of these same brands from the African continent are only showing marginal growth even though there they are being marketed to a much broader audience. Rather than maintain with the status quo, there are better ways to market these brands more effectively so that they will truly be able to compete on a global scale. This is especially true in the communication industry and business development. As an African with a strong belief that there are businesses here that could easily become international corporations. The knowledge I will learn in your program will provide me with the skills necessary to aid African businesses, firms and brands compete effectively in the world market.

Even though I have met most of my projects with nothing but success, there have been some projects that required me to think outside of the box in order to get a project completed on correctly and on time. In fact there was one project in particular that really tested the resolve of the team to come up with a viable solution. The company I worked for was hired by a client to mount a billboard. The client paid for an immediate turn around on the project, but due to a shortage of staff it looked as if we would miss the deadline. As the deadline rapidly approached and it was apparent that the project deadline would be missed the client requested a refund. However, since they were my number one clients I knew that I that missing the deadline was an option. Rather than immediately agree, I assembled a team of professionals that were able to execute the project flawlessly. While I was able to save the project and maintain the client that time, to try to repeat it would probably end in failure. As a result I learned the value of creating strategic alliances with foreign firms with similar interests in order to ban together in an attempt to improve the African marketplace.

The program you offer will teach me about theoretical brand management,, marketing concepts and models and tools. It will also teach me a new way of analyzing, assessing and developing brand strategies and campaigns. While I have already shown some success with market trends and analysis, my knowledge is finite and I need the additional education your program provides to help me advance my career in sales and marketing. Although I know that a fair amount of marketing can be learned through experience, it is the principles and theories that I need to develop long lasting skills that are only available through a program such as yours.

As someone who is committed to helping more African brands and businesses compete and perform well in the global market, this program will help me contribute to the development of my continent. After working in advertising and branding I know the depth of the analysis and strategy required to create a successful marketing plan that will effectively promote the product as well as the brand or corporation. I also know the feeling of developing a successful marketing strategy that increased sales more than 25%. By focusing on global brand management I will get a better understanding about branding and brand management in a global context.

Just as I have been able to excel in the business world, I plan on doing the same in your graduate program and beyond. My ability to learn new information quickly and apply it in an innovative way, work well with others as well as independently make me the ideal candidate for your program. I look forward to being able to study under some of the leaders in marketing, branding and business as well as work alongside and collaborate with my peers in the program. In addition I will be able to network and make connections that will help me long after I graduate. The knowledge, skills and opportunities your program will provide will help me be the kind of career man I have always dreamed of becoming and being accepted into this program is just one more step closer to completing my educational journey and achieving my long term goals of changing the way African businesses perform on a global scale.