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Marine Engineering Personal Statement Sample

Everyone can find himself struck with the topic lacking fresh ideas. Neither a statement of purpose for engineering graduate school nor personal statement is a simple task. Review a professional sample to get the understanding of a proper structure and layout.

Those committed to building stalwart sea faring ships are mesmerized by the sound and smell of the sea, invigorated by windswept brine on their faces, and swear brackish water runs through their veins. To be on the sea in a craft made by humans – a vessel that painstakingly takes shape one board, one rivet at a time — is an experience beyond words. It must be felt to be fully appreciated. The sailor becomes one with the sea in an intimacy unrivaled by the mundane limits of human experience. He knows the gentleness as well as the wrath of the ocean and can brook no shortcuts in the construction of this floating womb.In our childhood years we speculate on the possible occupations we might hold as an adult, but early on I knew my happiness was connected to the sea. When I was young I attended junior level sailing races and attained first place in 3 competitions. The feeling of being on the water is what made me love the sea. Out of the water I spent time fixing boats and in those moments I discovered I would make it my mission to study this subject.

I have lived in three countries with one common denominator: all were near a body of water. I was born in Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The sea has had a great influence on my life and now it feels impossible to live without some type of water nearby – sea, lakes, or rivers. My interests soon encompassed boats and yachts — anything designed to move on water captivated my attention. It was then that I felt the most alive and the backdrop in which I desired to learn how to build watercraft. This environment had a strong impact on my awareness of the field.

My interest in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and my decision to continue my education in a different field than my undergraduate major of Mechanical Engineering is the outcome of my profound interest in the subject. Even though I was enthralled with mechanical engineering and did extremely well in my bachelor studies, I never lost my ambition to build ships and the best school to study for a graduate degree in this major is the University of Michigan. I will bring a vast amount of design and building knowledge to my studies. I am eager to add to that store of academics with information on hydrodynamics, coastal processes and structural mechanics and to work in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory and Marine Structures Design Laboratory.

I truly enjoy working on any aspect of a boat. Indeed, I hope to earn my living doing work that makes me happiest – designing boats and learning about professional ways to build different amazing watercraft. These are the reasons I am so attracted to the Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering program at the University of Michigan and seek to work with the many amazing people doing spectacular work in these programs.

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