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The statement of purpose is unique, like what I want. I am so thankful for you.

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Know New in Format of Statement of Purpose

Is the format of statement of purpose important?

Your statement of purpose is going to be the most important part of your application so you will need to ensure that you get it spot on if you want to be considered seriously for a place. So this will mean ensuring that you write about the right things in the right way and that you get your format of statement of purpose just right. Writing a statement of purpose is not easy and many applicants will spend many weeks writing and rewriting their statements to ensure that their statements will make them stand out from the other applicants that are after one of the limited places that are available.

How should your SoP look?

Your SoP letter format should be written according to any specific instructions issued by the institution that you are applying to.

Typically the structure of your statement of purpose will follow the format of statement of purpose listed below:

  • Opening paragraph; this should be capable of hooking in the reader with an intriguing or interesting opening line to get their attention. It should also cover what you aim to study and your reasons for studying.
  • Second paragraph; this should demonstrate that you have the skills and other qualities that the committee will be looking for from you as an applicant. Ensure that you provide specific examples rather than just listing without any qualification.
  • Third paragraph; this is should show clearly what your future plans are with regards to your future career and also any additional research or education that you feel you will pursue.
  • Fourth paragraph; this needs to clearly show any specific reasons that you have for selecting this specific program rather than any of the others that are out there.
  • Conclusion; this should summarize what has been said and reference back to your opening lines to ensure that their relevance is clear. It must also clearly state your interest in the program that you are applying to and its importance to you achieving your future plans.

Use the specific font size and spacing requested by the institution, if nothing is specified ensure that you use a 12pt font that is clear and easy to read. Do not use any fancy formatting of your text and avoid any form of decoration. Margins should be at least one inch on all sides and you should keep within the word count that has been specified which is usually around 1 page in length only.

format of statement of purpose

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We can provide you with the right format of statement of purpose

Statement of purpose formatting is only a part of the process, you have to ensure that you write your SoP in a manner that is really going to make you stand out in the memory of the committee when it comes time to selection. Our specialized SoP writing services will help you to ensure that your statement gives you the best chances of acceptance. Through us you will gain:

  • Writing by PhD or Masters qualified writers that speak English as their first language
  • Direct communication with your writer
  • Unlimited revisions until your statement meets your full expectations
  • Professional proofreading to the highest of standards
  • Plagiarism testing to prevent any issues with copying
  • A quick turnaround and guaranteed on time delivery
  • Confidential services
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee

So if you want your SoP written perfectly in the correct format of statement of purpose just contact our experts here today for help that you can trust.

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