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How We Wrote an MBA Application Resume

Dorie is a professional admissions writer who completed over hundreds of various personal statements, statements of purpose and application resumes for customers. Each document Dorie creates is fully customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Statement of purpose writer Dorie strives to create outstanding application documents and never uses cliches. Her works are always creative, concise and interesting at the same time.

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More About Us

Applicants for MBA tend to focus on their grades to ensure that they meet the requirements of the program as well as pore over every single word of their essays so that they pass the expectations of the admissions panel. However, there is one particular area of their application that they tend to forget that they need to write in addition to the MBA statement of purpose, and that is their MBA application resume. If you are considering applying for an MBA you should pay attention to your resume so you can get a better chance of getting accepted into the program of your choosing.

How to Write MBA Application Resume on Your Own

Writing a resume for an MBA application may be hard at first but there are tips that can help you accomplish this task easily. Here are some tips that are worth considering.

  • Bullet points. Using this technique in your resume can help readers understand your paper even better. However, make sure that you use up to four bullet points only for job roles that you had before.
  • Relevant content. Since you’ll be stating your goal in your resume you need to make sure that the rest of the contents complement what your goals are.
  • Get their interest. Most admissions officers spend about 45 seconds going through your resume. This means that you need to make your paper eye catching right from the start.
  • Edit. Always edit your resume to ensure that your resume doesn’t end up several pages.
  • Be specific. Get to the point when writing your resume. Don’t use long and flowing sentences because they will bore your readers.
  • Include accomplishments. Your MBA resume should also reflect your past achievements that are relevant to the program that you are applying for.

Main Challenges of MBA Applicant Resume

It’s always a challenge to cut and edit resumes especially when you feel as if there is so much for you to tell just to get the attention of the admissions officer. However, a long and winding resume won’t accomplish what you have in mind which is why you need to edit your paper. Keep in mind that you need to grab you reader’s attention within 45 seconds that is why you need to start your resume strong. A statement indicating what your goals are followed up by paragraphs that support your desire will certainly get the effect that you need. If your aim is to submit a single page resume, you should choose past experiences that are connected to what your goals are.