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How We Create a Personal Statement for Business School

Dorie is a professional admissions writer who completed over hundreds of various personal statements, statements of purpose and application resumes for customers. Each document Dorie creates is fully customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Statement of purpose writer Dorie strives to create outstanding application documents and never uses cliches. Her works are always creative, concise and interesting at the same time.

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This nice young man, originally from China, is now pursing a business education in the United States. He has an eclectic blend of education and experience, which gives him the well-rounded personality that admissions committees like to see. He has also been exposed to business principles in high school and is ready to move up into higher education to learn more. I think he will do well and hope that the admission committee agrees.

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College applicants tend to focus on their grades as well as building their resumes that they often forget that their statement of purpose for business school should be kept in mind as well. Most business schools look more in their prospective applicants aside from impressive grades. What they want is a student who has more to offer aside from their academic prowess but also personality as well as skills that can contribute to their program. This is why you need to make your personal statement reflect the best parts of yourself if you want to get noticed.

How to Write Personal Statement for Business School

  • Mention your skills. If the business course that you want to take up has a specific skill needed such as financing and such, make sure that you indicate your experience.
  • Your personal statement should be well thought out and should have a good structure as well. Just like when you’re writing an essay for a school paper, you should follow a format.
  • Indicate any extra-curricular activities that you’ve done that you think are related to the course that you want to take up. Don’t forget to connect these experiences with your desire to learn the business course you are applying for. See to it that you give concrete examples as well.
  • Business schools tend to look for candidates who demonstrate critical thinking. In order to achieve this, you need to show your reader how you can relate your experiences to what you want to take up in an interesting and informative manner.
  • Stay true to yourself. A personal statement should reflect more of your personality and character.
  • Ask advice from your professors on how to write a good personal statement or read up previous statements to get a feel on how it should be done.

Main Challenges on Writing Business School Personal Statement

There are several challenges to writing a personal statement for business school as well as MBA statement of purpose. One of these is finding a topic to focus on. Most students tend to relate everything that they’ve experienced over the years which makes their personal statement sound long and winding. The best way to narrow down your personal statement is to choose experiences that you can relate to the business course that you wish to take up. Providing examples too can help support your experiences so that the admissions officer will have a clearer idea on what makes you the best candidate for the course.