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Statement of Purpose Sample

Statement of Purpose Sample

Writing a statement of intent has been a great challenge for many applicants for several years. This brief, but crucial document tells your story on 2 pages and plays one of the most important roles in your applications. Hence you should make sure that your SoP is not only error-free, you should be absolutely certain that it stands out from the crow. Today we would like to comment one statement of purpose sample. Take a look at the essential parts of any SoP.

My name is Madeline [last name withheld]. I’m a seventeen year old high school senior and I hail from Southern Indiana where I was born and raised. From an early age my parents taught me the value of hard work and honesty. These are lessons I’ve managed to apply into every area of my life and I believe I’m better off for it.

As you see in the statement of purpose sample above, the applicant has set the tone for her statement. She’s a hometown girl and is hinting that her upbringing has fostered great personal growth.

Another critical characteristic my parents engrained in me was a healthy love of learning. As a child I couldn’t get my hands on enough books and I always enjoyed class lessons and activities in elementary school. My love of learning and school carried on into middle school. Jumping from elementary school to six classes a day was a bit of a shock for me but I took it in stride. After all, I had all my friends from elementary school with me.

One of the reasons why I’m incredibly thankful for the privilege of going to school is that middle school was where I found my love for soccer. I was eleven years old when I tried out for the middle school girls soccer team. The competition was stiff because soccer was a popular sport at my middle school, but lo and behold I was accepted! I still remember how proud I was when my team won our first game against the rival school. We were all equally proud because we’d won this victory as a team, not as individuals. It’s because of soccer that I learned the value of teamwork, cooperation, and being able to depend on my friends.

The two paragraphs from the SOP sample above have established that she’s not only a good student, but also one with a well-rounded personality. The above sample also has established her history with extracurricular activities. Universities look favorably on extracurricular activities to be sure that students are able to balance their coursework and their personal lives.

My love of learning and playing soccer carried on into high school where I was quickly accepted into the Knightstown Orioles girls’ soccer team. At Knightstown High School I maintained a 4.0 grade point average while being heavily involved in playing soccer. I was fortunate enough to be on the team the year the Orioles made it to the state finals.

The statement of purpose sample paragraph above is golden. Without bragging or sounding pompous, she indicated that she’s an excellent student with the highest possible grade point average. Her involvement in soccer in high school also shows that not only is she consistent in her commitment to activities, but could also possibly continue playing in college.

One thing that affected me personally was when my best friend injured her leg at the state finals. I felt so terrible that she’d come all the way to the finals with us and wouldn’t be able to continue. This was the moment I decided I wanted to be able to do something to make people recover faster when they’re injured in sports. This is the reason why I became enthusiastic about studying sports medicine.

Using gut-wrenching real-life experience eliminates all doubt that she knows what she wants to major in. She’s made it abundantly clear, and her aspirations are noble.

If I’m accepted into the University of [name withheld] I’d like to do several things. First, I’d like to major in Sports Medicine to continue my studies. I also plan to maintain the 4.0 GPA I’ve carried since high school. Another thing I’d like to do—and one that’s close to my heart—is try out for the university’s women’s soccer team. I love learning just as much as I love sports. If I can one day open a clinic and help boys and girls recover from sports injuries and get back on the field, then I know my dreams will have come true. I would love nothing more than to be a student at the University of [name withheld] so I can advance my studies and help broken bodies recover.

After building herself up and explaining not only what she wants to study but why she wants to study it, the applicant stated a clear and concise plan. She knows what she wants to study, she’s committed to maintaining high grades, and she wants to play for the university’s soccer team. Her team membership could possibly bring wins for the tam and an extra feather in the university’s cap. Furthermore, she knows what she wants to do after college. Her statement of purpose is golden.

This statement of purpose sample is a single page cover letter sample SOP, but longer ones aren’t hard to write. They simply require more elaboration and detail. Nonetheless, this is a good SOP. It’s well-written, humble, she outlines her background and interests, her academic qualifications, her reasons for studying what she wants to study, and a life plan for college and beyond. More statement of purpose examples, as well as writing help, are available for an affordable low price.

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